Terttulia...Man made heaven..;)


Off Lane 5,
KP, Pune 

Cost for 2- Rs.1500/-
Decor- 10/10

#Love Scale- Infinite Love for them! 

#Ambiance Meter :
A legendary place like this should not be missed! It is "the place to go" if you wanna have the perfect dining experience. It was an exciting sweet surprise, when my friends selected Terttulia for our last party in Pune.
What an amazing treasure we discovered!

Well lit, spacious, and a happy space with soft lighting. Its a cheerful place that can make you smile and make you forget all your woes for that little time you dine here.

Terttulia has a stylish yet warm and welcoming area, with witty quotes on the outside board which make you smile. 

The dining area is roughly divided into 3 different areas. The outside area has a lot of vibrant paintings and artistic articles adorning the wall. It kinda gives you a cafe feel. The  inside area is roughly divided into two areas. (I particularly admired the well stocked racks of wines and champagnes.) On one side they have comfortable chairs and tables for dining, while on the other they have a bar and a nice private area for couples and for private parties. There are small focus lights in the dining area, which fall on your face, hence making it perfect to take some beautiful pictures here.

PS : Guys, if you wanna woo your date or propose to the special one in your life, book their private area for a party. Its beautiful, stylish and most of all 'private'. They also provide you with complimentary wine/champagne. ( Inquire about the prices beforehand.)

#Service Factor :

One of winning streaks of the ever so famous Terttulia is the world-class service they offer. The unusual devotion of the manager, makes the experience enjoyable and unforgettable. The service is quick, and the manager double checks each order, to make sure its perfect! Never been soo impressed by the service of any place...

#Buzz :
Climbing to fame, with their delish food, perfect service to the customers and the relaxing yet luxurious interiors...Terttulia enjoys loyal customer following like me...The place is buzzing with people almost all day. The place is flooded with people all day who come here for breakfast, just to hang out with each other, catching up over a coffee or people who are here for a nice dining experience.

#Oomph Factor :
They have many a delicious surprise in store with the extensive range of delicacies they offer. The Belgian Waffles and their Terttulia classic pancakes with a touch of exclusivity, indeed make breakfast the best meal of the day.

They house universes most fantastically creative gourmand. They have taken cooking to a whole new level. They have a mix of comfort food and fancy stuff on their menu. You can order one of their innovative and intriguingly named indulgences, or if you are in a fix of what to order (being a first timer), ask your waiter for a recommendation, and they'll help you order one of their innovative dishes. They give us their own version of the delicacies, which is bound to leave a lasting impression! 

Dally over their perfectly done desserts for a perfect finish. They serve the most amazing desserts most definitely fit for gods! 

#Presentation :
Presentation of food is exquisite!

#Cost Factor :
Although a little on the pricey side, the perfectly cooked meals are totally worth the price!

WARNING : The meals are sumptuous but the portions are little small..So watch out for that!

#My Recommendation :
Reward you appetite with the pleasure of their speciality, the Pizza Terttulia-aah. It is one of a kind, and tastes divine.

#Final Verdict :
It is said the with the right passion and dedication, one can get anywhere, and Terttulia has proved that by winning so many prizes from TimesCity, and other organizations. It continues to attract curious and hungry new patrons.Once you try it, you'll keep coming back for more.

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#TIP : 
Book your table at Terttulia through @hungrytable at hungrytable.in and avoid the waiting at ur fav restaurant!

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