Shakahaari..a Veggie Delight!


J.W. Marriot
S.B. Road,

Dinner for two- Rs. 1800/-
Decor- 10/10

#Love Scale-9.5/10

#Ambiance Meter :
Shakahari continues to be a delight to all the vegans out there! As the name proclaims, Shakahari serves only vegetarian food...Out of the many options available for dining and partying at The JW Marriot, Pune...ranging from Miami to Paasha, Shakahaari to Pune Baking Company), Shakahari is my favourite ..<3 <3 

Its definitely the place that every vegan should go once!

Enter the beautiful entrance of Marriot, and climb up a flight of stairs to reach this food heaven...You definitely know your heart skips a beat when you enter this beautiful restaurant...You are just awestruck for a few moments...Nice, wide wooden tables and large sofas for relaxed and comfortable seating. Slick and stylish with impressive detailing. The interiors are pleasant, bright and spacious. Kick back, relax and enjoy the world cuisine menu. I guarantee every vegan the satisfaction of eating out at Shakahari.

#Service Meter :
The service is good. The waiters are well versed, very helpful and courteous. They definitely serve you well!They direct you towards each course of the meal. Some are served on the table, while some you have to go and get on your own... They help you savour every morsel of the food, by giving you enough time between each course of the meal. :)

#Oomph Factor :
The food...Please let me get my breath back...Even thinking about the sumptuous meal at Shakahari, takes my breath away. It was so delicious! They serve Asian Vegetarian as well as Jain and Marwari Food...Food to suit every palate...

Only the chef knows the secret recipes! :p They offer authentic food, with consistency in the quality of food.

We tried out the Laksa Soup, and it was the first ever soup that blew my mind off! It was very delicious...Secret blend of vermicelli and chinese spices, it continues to be the best soup I ever tried! :) 
One can order 2 starters out of the available list of starters. The starters were good. We proceeded for the salads. They have a large variety available in salads. We tried to taste all of them, but we didnt have enough space on our plate to try each one of them!! 

The next course, was the main course. We ordered dal, paneer and mix veg. It was served hot, and it was delicious. We ordered kulchas in place of naan and roti, and we were not disappointed..:)

Last but not the least comes the desserts...Best describing them I can say, "To die for desserts!! ". Save some space for the desserts, coz they are the best part of their buffet! From mango mouse to caramel ice cream..The desserts are simply mouthwatering...Loved them!!

#Cost factor :
The buffet for one costs around 800-900 including all taxes. Even though a little on the pricey side, it is worth every penny. 

#Final Verdict :
Even though the cost factor comes into play, I would recommend this to every vegan in town, coz of their amazing food, service and ambiance. Do not miss Shakahari...So, go ahead and indulge in all the veggie delights offered by Shakahari, and feel free to share your experiences here! :)

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