Pindi Chole Recipe

Pindi Chole (The North Indian Way... )

Being away from home, most of all I miss the masala chana mom made at home. I have tried this dish all around Pune, but have never been quite satisfied with the taste. I decided to prepare some for myself to satisfy my cravings, and I realised how simple it is to make Pindi Chole at home. It only takes a mere 15-20 minutes of preparation, which is easily manageable even in this fast life.

Here, I am sharing the recipe of my experimentation...

Ingredients Used :

Chickpeas (kabuli chana)..............................1 1/2 cup
Oil..............................................................1/2 cup
Green Chillies (slit)......................................3-4
Ginger Garlic paste......................................2 tablespoon
Turmeric Powder........................................1/2 teaspoon
Coriander Powder.......................................2 tablespoons
Red Chilli Powder........................................1 1/2 tablespoons
Cumin Powder............................................2 tablespoons
Garam Masala Powder..................................1 teaspoon
Cumin Seeds...............................................2 tablespoons
Tomatoes, halved.........................................2 medium taste

Method of Preparation :
1) Soak the chickpeas in four cups of water overnight.
2) Drain the chickpeas, and pressure cook them for round 20 minutes. (Dont forget to add a little salt while cooking). Make sure the chana is complete cooked and has turned soft.
3) Drain the cooked chickpea and keep it aside.
4) Create a mixture of coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and keep it aside.
5) Dry roast cumin seeds till dark brown, grind them to make powder and keep them aside.
6) Heat oil in the kadhai, add ginger-garlic paste and chillies and stir fry them briefly.
7) Add the mixed spice powder and stir-fry for half a minute.
8) Stir the mixture in half cup water, and slowly add the chickpeas into it.
9) Add salt to taste and another cup of water into it.
10) Cook on high heat, till cooked properly.

Top it with tomatoes and sprinkle garam masala powder and roasted cumin seeds from the top. Adjust seasoning and serve it hot with garma garam rotis!

Disclaimer : This recipe is originally Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe. It has been modified a little bit, with practical experiences to help the audience. 

Should industries have a tie-up with institutions for professional courses?

TOPIC : Should industries have a tie-up with institutions for professional courses?

       With the advancement of technology and rapid developments around the world, it has become a necessity to keep oneself updated and continuously improve one’s skills. To facilitate such developments, industries tie-up with institutions for professional courses, but is it really the right approach?

       The industries expect its employees to be updated. To improve their chances of succeeding, the employees are expected to be aware of the latest trends and technologies in their respective fields. Due to lack of time, load of work and extended work-hours this goal becomes very difficult to achieve. Thus, the industries tie up with various institutions and select a few employees to undergo professional training in order to upgrade their skills. This is not always possible, as it becomes difficult for small organizations to invest in such facilities provided they have limited availability of funds

and resources. By enrolling a few selected employees in such courses, the company cost also increases to an extent, as they have to compensate for the absence of such employees. Moreover, not all employees accept such experimental measures. An open conducive environment is necessary for the employees to welcome such a change whole-heartedly.

       Even though, there are certain limitations to such measures, the advantages of introduction of such practices are no less. By enrolling in such professional courses, the employees get a chance to increase their efficiency and improve on their quality of work. Such employees are exposed to diverse crowds and undergo rigorous training programs. This helps in increasing their motivation and enthusiasm towards their job responsibilities and work, and become an asset to the company. Such improvements, also provide the employyes with diverse opprtunities and give them a chance to earn more than their presnt salary.

       As we observe, the benefits to the overall development of industries are much more than the cost and efforts required to implement such practices. I strongly believe that such measures should be appreciated and supported by all industry professionals.

Inheritance of Wealth

TOPIC : In some countries, inheritance of father’s property is not legally entitled to the children. Should inheritance of parent’s wealth be a legal right or should bequeathing wealth be at parent’s discretion?
     Wealth of an individual is the summation of all his assets he gathers all through his life. While some countries have made inheritance a legal right, the others have shunned the idea and the children in such countries are deprived the legal right of inheriting their parents wealth. The question of whether which is the right path to take, still remains open for debate.

       Exploring the various aspects, we first look into the pros and cons of why the law of non-inheritance of parent’s wealth stands through. The government is aiming at equal distribution of wealth, hence it created the law that children are not allowed to inherit their parent’s wealth. They aim at providing equal opportunities to all citizens without giving any undue advantage to any one particular class of people (here, the rich class). This creates a competitive and an open environment of learning and experimentation for the youth of the country, as they do not rely on their parent’s wealth to support themselves. The youth get a chance to learn the important life lessons through struggle and failures and instead of becoming lethargic and spoilt, they are inspired to work hard towards achieving a standard of living for themselves.

        Even though there are so many advantages of making inheritance of property illegal, why do the other countries choose to legalize inheritance. It is better if this decision is left in the hands of an individual who has worked hard to achieve his wealth. The freedom to choose is one of the basic rights, and taking the correct decisions with your hard-earned money is the freedom that the government should provide to each one of its citizens. When the people choose to keep their traditional home and business, they remain assured that their wealth is in the right hands and it will be used for the right purposes. They remain assured that their hard-earned money is used for better development of their future generations. Also with the low investment returns I todays markets, it becomes even more important to secure the future of your coming generations. If the parents feel their children lack the requisite skill, knowledge, experience, judgment or work ethics to manage their business and inheritance, the decision should remain in their hands to take the final decision.

        I firmly believe, that the parents should have the freedom to choose where they wish to invest  their hard-earned money and not be forced to give it up for legal reasons. If they feel right, they may donate a part of their money to charity and leave the remaining to their children. This ensures a bright future of the next generation and also makes sure the next generation is not spoilt, and the equality of wealth is maintained.

Jean Claude Biguine

All Things Nice sent this wonderful gift to me...Voucher for two at Jean Claude Biguine Salon. Loved the gesture of appreciation and loved the pampering I recieved at the Salon. Thank You All Things Nice!

Jean Claude Biguine is an international chain of spa and salon based in Paris. The products used are completely organic and the service provided is world-class. They have a number of outlets across Mumbai and other cities. You should pay a visit if you want a relaxing day, and by the hands of experts!


Times City Guide

I received the Times City Guide as a gift from @timescity for being a regular and consistent reviewer on . I am thankful to them for appreciating my efforts.

#My Recommendation :
Times City reviews restaurants regularly and updates its times city food guide every year. The book set is divided into 3 books,  depending on the genre of food you looking for. It is a comprehensive guide of restaurants, nightlife, caterers, bars, liquor stores and much more.

You can buy one for yourself to keep as a handy guide in case you find yourself confused between a wide variety of options you have to make.

Shivam ( and me were invited for the Times City Food Awards , Pune this year. My experience of the event coming up soon as a blog post...Keep watching this space for more updates! :)

Freedom to Choose from over 15 beers..@Independence Brewery

Independence Brewing Company
Zero-One Complex,
Pingale Vasti,
Ghorpadi Mundhwa Road
Mundhwa, Pune

#Love Scale : 9/10
#Decor : 10/10

Cost for two : 1500 for 2

#Ambiance Meter :
Independence Brew is a global venture which aims at bringing exceptional craft and artisan brews to India.I am particularly impressed by Inde Brew's location and ambiance. Independence offers a respite from the usual KP joints, but have situated it just at the right distance from KP. This restro bar has large open spaces, and lavish seating area, with an option of indoor and outdoor seating make this place quite attractive. Well-stocked bar, open live counters, beautiful lighting scene and what not, this place has it all. You can also see the brewing machines, and its quite fascinating. The co-founders and partners Shailendra Bist and Avanish Vellanki have done a great job, and are present around the place most of the time. You can spot them interacting with the customers all the time. Independence is a venue with with an unprecedented focus on a variety of fresh, craft beers for the emerging connoisseurs of India.

#Service Factor :
The service of the restaurant is good and the staff is well-versed with the menu and well aware.

#Buzz :
Even though the place is newly opened, it has become quite popular with the crowd of Pune is a short span of time.

#Oomph Factor :
In starters, we ordered the Panko Crumbled Stuffed Mushrooms, Ethiopian Sambosa and loaded Nachos.The dip with nachos tasted good.

Loved the mushrooms (do try!!) and the Ethiopian sambosa were exquisite. We loved the preparation and presentation of the food, and even get to visit the kitchen to see the preparations with our eyes. The kitchen was spacious and very clean. We were surprised on how fast and well-managed the chef was in preparing the food (impressive!).

For mains, we ordered the black pepper tofu and mushroom n vegetable stew gratin. The mains were average. Shailly told us, they are working on veg mains, and are trying to improve the veg preparations.

For desserts, we ordered the chocolate souffle and red wine poached fruits. The souffle was delicious and one is enough for two chocolate lovers!!

#Beers :
Independence has not yet introduced their brewed beers, and will be getting their brewed beers ready by March end.

At the moment, they serve a few imported beers. First, we tried the Zen White or Hefeweizen, which has a smooth wheaty taste. Next, we went on to the Blonde Ale which is smooth and a bit stronger than Zen White. Later, we moved to Indian Pale Ale, which is quite strong and tastes bitter. It is basically for mature palates and it tastes amazing.

Shailly then introduced us to a couple of other beers The Bishop's Finger and Shepherd;s 1698 both of which tasted great!

#Presentation :
The presentation of the food is good and the food is served in beautiful dishes. 

#Cost Factor :
A glass of craft beer, approximately costs you Rs. 300. The food is also in the higher range, but if you looking for a special experience, the places is worth spending the money on!

#My Recommendation :
Try the Indian Pale Ale, which is my favorite. I particularly like the strong flavors of the beer, which is quite different from the usual beers.

#Final Verdict :
The place is amazing, and is soon picking up. They will serve around 15-beers on tap by March end. The food is great and the ambiance is amazing...Must try!!

#Invite By Food Adda Team
We were invited for the review of the restaurant by the food-adda team. They are a group of food-enthusiasts and if you wanna join them, you can contact them trough twitter @foodaddaindia or contact them on facebook at Food-Adda India FB Page.

For More details check out their website :
Follow them on Twitter at : @IndeBrewCo
Like them on facebook at : Independence Brewing Company

Premier Inn - Budget Hotel with VFM Services

Premier Inn
Kharadi Mundhwa Bypass Road
Kharadi, Pune

The Premier Inn Hotels have over 600 hotels across UK, Ireland and worldwide with presence in India in 2 cities Delhi and Bangalore. Recently they launched a budget hotel in Pune and we were invited for the launch party of the hotel and offered a night stay at the hotel to experience their hospitality.

Premier Inn provides budget accomodation. They offer high standards of customer service and the comfortable rooms with a guarantee of "good nights sleep". The cherry on the cake is the primary central location of the hotel ( the hotel is a 10 minute drive from the airport ) , in the Pune city making the hotel even more attractive for your stay.

They have around 109 rooms at the hotel, and provide round the clock service with affordable rates. The hotel is suitable for both leisure and corporate travellers. The rooms are equipped with large comfy beds and an en-suite bathroom with bath tub and shower. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and you can also find a gym down the hotel. The best part of the room is that they are equipped with black-out curtains, and they guarantee you a peaceful nights' sleep.

The hotel also gives u variety of option to choose for dine-in: 
  •  The Linx restaurant offers you European, oriental and Indian dishes, cooked home-style in a relaxed ambiance. Linx serves both veg and non-veg food.

  • 87 which serves draught beer, popular cocktails and snacks at affordable prices. The ambiance of 87 is quite pleasant.

  • Tangles, their noodle bar which gives you the freedom to decide your style of cooking and choose your own toppings (isn't that great?!)

#Invite By Food Adda Team
We were invited for the lauch party by the food-adda team. They are a group of food-enthusiasts and if you wanna join them, you can contact them trough twitter @foodaddaindia or contact them on facebook at Food-Adda India FB Page.

#Final Verdict :
We bloggers enjoyed the jovial conversation with Mr. Aly Shariff (MD, Premier Inn
India) , Ms. Deepali Shinde and Sheetha Chacko from Perfect Relations, who manages the PR for Premier Inn Pune.

Do enjoy a stay at the hotel, if you planning to visit Pune!

Another Addition to The Little Italy Group of Chinchwad

Mumbai-Pune Road

Dinner for 2- Rs. 2000/-
Decor- 8/10

#Ambiance Meter :
The famous chain of restaurants The Little Italy group recently opened another comfy dining space in Chinchwad, Pune. A smart,sassy handsome twin-leveled restaurant with elegant furniture and just the right ambiance to help you enjoy. The restaurant has a relaxed ambiance, with just the right amount of sizzle needed. Divided into two levels, the lower level is a family restaurant, while the upper level has the Kyro lounge. The restaurant is graceful and stylish with perfect amount of lighting. Its ideal for family outings, business meetings and quiet romantic dinner with your loved one.

#Service Meter :
The service of the restaurant is impeccable. The chef personally asked us for our preferences. The staff was courteous and polite and knew the menu well, and was good at recommendations. The manager whole-heartedly welcomed us, and took good care of us.

#Oomph Factor :
True to its name, The Little Italy plans to give you the experience of Italy by means of its delish food. Italian food is simple and yet very vibrant, and Little Italy serves Italian food just suitable to the Indian palate. They maintain a healthy balance in food and use excellent basic ingredients cooked in a simple and elegant manner to give you the right taste. They take special care that the food retains the original goodness and freshness of the ingredients.

  • We tried the Minestrone soup. It was very well prepared, and did not have the tomato taste like the other restaurants which make it, which made it tastier at Little Italy. 

  • For starters, we ordered the garlic bread and nachos. The chef told us, the nachos and the cheese sauce were specially prepared by tthe Little Italy group to be used at their restaurants. We were given an option of 3 dips to have with our starters, and each one of them tasted yummy. I particularly loved the chilli one, which was a bit tangy.

  • In the main course we ordered Aglio Olio E Peperoncino and Pizza Napoli. The pizza was crispy and remarkably delicious. The pasta was not very dry, and tasted good.

  • For desserts, we ordered the Chocolate Bomb and The mango cheesecake. The chocolate bomb had hot chocolate inside, and was served with vanilla ice-cream. The mango cheesecake was mouth-watering. A must try!

#Cost Factor :
Given the USP of the restaurant, that it is purely veg and serves authentic Italian food, the prices are justified. The portions are generous, and even if you plan on having just one course of meal, you will not be disappointed!

#My Recommendations :
I personally loved the Minestrone soup and the mango cheesecake. Do try!

#Final Verdict :
Overall, we had a great time. Being a veg speciality restaurant, it's gonna be veg lovers paradise. The food is consistently good, and the ambiance compliments the great food. Do try!

Want tasty khana delivered at your doorstep? Try and you wont be disappointed!  is an amazing initiative by a group of enthusiastic youngsters, who wanted to bring about a change and do something out of the ordinary. Tastykhana delivers food from your favourite restaurants right at your doorstep. With presence in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and Faridabad tastykhana aims to transform the way people order food online.

You know those days when you want to go out and have some great food, but you are way too tired to even get up from work or the day when you just want to cuddle up in the bed watching a movie but you feel hungry and wish to order food from your favorite restaurant. Well, tastykhana comes to your rescue! The biggest advantage of tastykhana is the amount of choice it provides you! Its just wonderful!

I prefer tastykhana mostly because, Tastykhana is convenient, as you can order food online or even from their mobile app (PS : Get a discount of Rs. 100 on order of Rs 350+). You can order food while you are on the go, and your food will reach by the time you reach home. You can order food for home-delivery or even order a takeaway, and the food gets delivered within the guaranteed time frame. Now, isnt that wonderful? Tastykhana is reliable and guarantees you quality of food, and I couldnt ask for more from them...

My Personal Experience
I have personally ordered my food from tastykhana a lot of times. I convert my cash into tastykhana accounts trinkets, so that I needn't have to do the transaction again and again, hence, it becomes hassle free.

I would like to share 2 of my experiences of tastykhana with you...

One day I was feeling too bored to go out and eat so I decided to place my order at the newly ordered restaurant in my area called the Curry Leaves. I faced a few problems with my transaction, so I called up tastykhana's helpline number and my issue was resolved within 5 minutes time. My delish food was delivered to my place just in time as specified by tastykhana. It was hot and fresh and the quality of the food was great! 

The other day, I came back home late, and by this time, most of the places around my house had closed down. I decided to place my order through . Unfortunately, the main course curry I ordered was unavailable. Tastykhana called up, and soon provided me a variety of other options to choose from and also apologised for the inconvenience. I was impresses by their service. My food was delivered to me at near around 12 am. I was astonished they were working so late at night but highly impressed by the quality of service they provide.

Do try out the website, and I assure you, you are going to love it! :)

You can like them on facebook at
You can even converse with them through twitter with their handle : @tastykhana
If you wanna know more and read more about tastykhana, read their blog at : Tasty

PS : Did you know you could schedule an order for a specific day and specific time! Cool, right?

Pancakes Recipe

I have a sweet tooth, and hence, I keep trying a lot of new sweet dishes and desserts. Recently, I tried my hands on egg-less pancakes. I was wonderfully surprised how easy is the pancakes recipe, and how much you can try out with different toppings over them. Being less time consuming, and very very tasty, makes it an ideal sweet dish to make if you are having some guests over!

So, here goes the recipe...

Ingredients :
1) Plain flour...................................1 Cup
2) Salt.............................................a pinch
3) Powdered Sugar.........................1 tbsp
4) Baking Powder/Fruit Eno............ 2 tsp
5) Milk............................................1 cup
6) Vanilla Essence............................1/2 tsp
7) Butter (melted) ............................1 tbsp
8) Oil...............................................3 tbsp
9) Choco chips.................................a few

Method :

  • Mix flour, sugar, baking powder together.
  • Add a pinch of salt to the mixture.
  • Add the melted butter to the mixture.
  • Add milk and form a batter of a coating consistency. Add more milk if required.
  • Add Vanilla Essence to the mixture and mix well.
  • Heat some oil in a non-stick frying pan. When oil get hot, pour the batter in the pan.
  • Lower the heat and cook the pancake for a while.
  • Add some choco chips on the other side of the pancake and then turn to let the other side get cooked properly.
  • When edges of pancake start lifting on their own, you know your pancake is done!
  • Loosen the edges and turn the pancake upside down.
  • Add some honey over the top or serve with one or more of the variety of toppings, like fresh cream, fresh fruits, maple syrup, cheese, chocolate, caramel sauce, butter, jam, ice-cream nuts and so much more!
Recipe Time : 10 minutes

Notes :
  • Make sure to keep medium or low heat, otherwise they dont taste so well!
  • If you wish, cover and cook after flipping. This makes the pancakes softer.
Serve it fresh and hot, and I am confident everyone around you is going to love them!

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