Desh Da Swaad with Celebity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi at Ramada, Udaipur

Desh Da Swaad with Celebity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi at Ramada, Udaipur

Dealing with the hectic schedules of IIMU, I sometimes find for an escape through exploration of new food avenues. There I was, wondering which food-joint to try next, when I get an unexpected call from Ms. Dolly Taldar from Ramada Spa and Resorts. Although Ramada Resorts & Spa had been associated with IIMU for a long time being the hospitality partners for many of the events including Solaris- The Maiden Management fest of IIMU, we never had the luck to go and explore the food specialty of Ramada.

Wondering, what it’s all about??

Well, it was an invitation to meet & greet the famous celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi!! And of course, I was excited!! I instantly say yes, and start preparing for my next foodie adventure!! What could be more thrilling than to witness the live TV show, the very famous Desh Da Swaad and get an opportunity to have a tête-à-tête with the celebrity chef himself!!
For those of my friends & readers, who find themselves out of touch with the foodie world…Here’s a little brief about the Chef and his celebrated TV show!

Who is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi?
Harpal Singh Sokhi is a multi-talented celebrity chef in India. As a Chef, he has been a part of many well-known TV shows like Khaana Khazana, Sony Kitchen Khiladi, Sirf 30 Minutes, Maa ki Dal, Desh da Swad and Turban Tadka, has launched a line of his food products which include products like Sabrini Punjabi Samosa, Sabrini Wrap Bollywood Potato, Raji Shahi Paneer Masala, Raji Chana Masala, etc., owns renowned restaurants like The Treasury, Twist of Tadka and Bibi Jaan, is director of Turban Tadka Hospitality and is also into restaurant consulting. You can know more about him on his website here.

What is Desh Da Swad all about?
Desh Da Swad, is Zee News’ maiden food and travel roadshow where Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi travels around the country and shares some of the best recipes from across the different regions of the world. The first season of the show covered 13 cities of North India including Amritsar, Srinagar and Lucknow. The show is aired on Food Food Channel, and will be starting with the Season 2 in November, 2015.

About Ramada Resorts & Spa, Udaipur
Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa is a multi-tiered 72 rooms and suites resort spread over 6.6 acres of undulated land, varying in height by approximately 40 meters from the lowest point to the highest, creating spectacular views, and with its array of gardens, has a tranquil, salubrious setting built with traditional stonework. The hallmark concept design of this resort is its central courtyard featuring a large swimming pool around which all the four types of guest rooms and restaurants are located.
Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa is a dream wedding destination and also a leading family resort destination. It offers you activities from indoor games to outdoor sports, including the presence of a Kid's club, Cycling ativities, Aqua-Sports, Yoga and Swimmig lessons, Archery, Cooking Sessions with the Executive Chef and Cocktail and Mocktail Making Sessions. Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa also offers best luxury spa facilities in Udaipur, Rajasthan along with the well-equipped fitness centre, outdoor pool and entertainment section. Variety of rejuvenating spa treatments are provided at this luxury spa resort in Udaipur, which ensure that your holiday is relaxing, rejuvenating and complete in all ways possible!

My Culinary Experience with Chef Harpal Sigh Sokhi at Ramada Resorts & Spa, Udaipur
As me and my friend Himanshu reached Ramada Resorts, we instantly spotted Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi getting ready for his show. There was also this beautiful tangerine-colored van pulled over near the main entrance. The van’s windows were open and it was equipped with state-of-art modular kitchen, with TATA masalas and dals and lots of kitchen utensils spread around.
We were greeted by Ms. Dolly Taldar, the Resort Manager for Ramada Resorts & Spa, Udaipur. We were excited but a little hesitant to go and meet the Chef directly. Ms. Dolly quickly sensed our reluctance, and introduced us to Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi. He was happy to see us, and welcomed us with a huge smile. He is a happy-go-lucky person, and that essence of happiness clearly reflects in the food he cooks.

We waited in the audience while he underwent the final preparations for the show, and checked if whether or not all the ingredients and utensils were in their place to start the shooting of the show. While we waited, Ms. Dolly introduced us to the head Executive Chef of Ramada.

Soon, the crew had finished the setting up of the show elements, and the show was ready to begin. As we all seated down, the Chef introduced himself to everyone, welcomed them to the show and shared his inspiration of the recipe.

As we watched Chef Harpal prepare his recipe, the Chef suddenly invited me to join him in helping him cook. I was thrilled!! It was an exciting opportunity and the next thing I know I was inside the van helping him cook his recipe (If you want to know the recipe, wait till the second season of the show is aired!!). After some interaction, we together started preparing the recipe of the Udaipur special Dal Vada. While he did the final preparations of the vada mixture, the Chef thanked me for joining the show. I was exhilarated when he also gifted me the TATA gift hamper basket of high-quality TATA dals and TATA masalas. He quickly finished the recipe, and we all had the opportunity to get a taste of his recipe, and needless to say, it was simply delicious, and we couldn’t wait to go back home and try it out ourselves!! After the completion of the show, the crowd gathered around him to click pictures and selfies!!

It was an amazing experience. Himanshu and I later joined him for a one-on-one interview, the details of which I will share soon in my upcoming posts! Later, we were also invited by the Executive Chef of Ramada, to dine and interact with him (review of which is also coming up soon! Keep watching this space for more!).

We were overjoyed with the high-class hospitality and the amazing culinary experience Ramada and Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi offered to us!! We heartily thank Ms. Dolly for giving us this amazing opportunity!!
Au Revoir!
Progressing Ahead with 4G

Progressing Ahead with 4G

What would your reaction be, if I say I can give you an idea to get faster speed of internet at no additional cost than what you are receiving with your 3G services? Well, Airtel has done exactly what we all would have wished for?? Airtel is the first service provider who will be coming up with its 4G services for all its users.

Most of you will not be aware about what 4G exactly is. Well, the ‘G’ in 4G states that it is the fourth generation of technology being used in these mobile devices. With each generation of devices, comes new additional capabilities and new set of challenges. Although the usage of 3G has increased, many of us are still using the 2G technologies in our phone. Not being pessimistic though, it is fabulous that Airtel has taken the novel step of bringing 4G to us, in the prices of 3G and complementing it with services like get a free 4G SIM simply by ordering from their website, or better, just tweet to them with #GetAirte4G and you could get the 4G SIM delivered at your doorstep. Airtel has launched this service in 296 cities as of now. You can visit their website or tweet to them to find out if whether or not your city is one of them which has these services available.

Analysis of this Product Launch: Trying to implement my Product Strategy and Management Study’s class concepts, I realize that even though Airtel has a first mover advantage here and will be known as the Thought Leader when everyone speaks about 4G technology launch, they are demanding a huge behavior change from the customers. Let me explain my point further. The 4G technology can only be used in phones which support the 4G technology. Our existing mobile devices only support 2G and 3G, and to actually derive the benefits of this 4G service launched by Airtel, you will have to buy a new mobile device for yourself, which can actually support the speed and services provided by 4G. However, Airtel has kept that in mind, and also displays a number of new devices being launched recently, which you can buy at a price of as low as 5,999.  Scroll down at their homepage and discover a range of devices which support this technology. You can also check on their website by putting your phone number, if whether or not your phone and device already support 4G or not. In addition, many of us are already happy with our existing devices and speed. To invest my money in a new phone, simply to upgrade the speed of internet, I am not sure how many of us would be able to do that? However, I believe it will soon catch up and will take several years (a minimum of one year) to become a technology of benefit and mass usage and by then, a lot of competitors might have entered the arena with their offerings in 4G. Airtel is actually building up the audience and stage for them to sell the products, being the only one in the present to support that technology.

However, leaving all the analysis aside, it’s a great technology to try!! It provides huge benefits like faster streaming of data and additional capabilities for your phone. To try out yourself, please visit the Airtel website and get more information on the same.
Have You Adopted the Balanced Honey Diet yet?

Have You Adopted the Balanced Honey Diet yet?

Tired of all those ineffective crash diets? Wish to maintain a more well-balanced and healthy diet? Want to add on healthier components to your diets? Wish to have good food without compromising on the taste, still maintaining your health? Wish to achieve that fitness level with your dream figure? 

Well, if your answer to any of the above questions is yes, read on to find out how you can do that!

The plain and simple answer to your questions is include honey in your diet and you can easily achieve that fitness level, your dream figure, maintain a healthy diet without losing out on the taste component of your food. Wondering how honey can do that?

Many of us try to lose weight and get into shape by following crash diets. These crash diets are not only difficult to follow, but also leave you craving for good food. And in case, you happen to have a sweet tooth, then these crash diets become a nightmare for you! In addition, these crash diets are also not a healthy way to lose weight. Many-a-times they compromise on the nutritional components of your diet, hence, messing with your complete diet. The better way out is to switch to easier and more healthier options, which help you maintain right balance in the diet without compromising on the nutritional component of it, and one easy way is to increase your intake of honey in our diet.

There are several ways you can use honey in your diet to get a healthier and more balance diet. The easiest way to include honey in your diet to get fast and easy results is by getting into the habit of taking a glass of warm water mixed with honey every day in the morning. This will help you get into shape faster and easier, without doing anything extra! Honey increases your metabolism, hence, helping you lose weight in a healthier and easier way! On regular days, try switching sugar in your tea/coffee by small amount of honey. Honey is natural, organic and healthy. It easily blends in without compromising on the taste! You can also try out one of the honey recipes suggested by Chef Vikas Khanna. Watch out the Dabur HoneyWebsite to find out some delicious and healthy recipes, especially made out for you to help you to increase the honey content in your diet, hence, taking you one step ahead towards a better health. In case, you are looking for the benefits of honey, you can read all about honey here. You can also take expert dietitian advice by visiting the link here.

Adopt a healthy balanced diet today, before it gets too late!! You can also find out some interesting fitness tips and easy exercises to help you lose weight here. You will also find some 5-minute exercises which will easily fit in your busy schedule and help you stay fit and healthy in an easier and friendly way!

In case, you have any more tips and suggestions, please feel free to drop in your thoughts in the comments section below!
Do-It-Yourself with Townscript!

Do-It-Yourself with Townscript!

Wondering how to go about marketing your event and increasing its reach in this increasingly competitive world? Well, the talented young duo of Sanchit Malik and Sachin Sharma brings TownScript to your rescue! Based out of Pune, TownScript is a Do-It-Yourself event ticketing and app creation platform. Spanning a wondrous 100+ cities across the country, TownScript targets anyone who organizes events, online webinars, trainings, treks & trips, conferences, running events, startup events etc. TownScript is mainly used to sell tickets online and create an app for any kind of event happening around the country.
TownScript as a platform empowers the organizers directly. It helps them create an app for their event which in turn helps them provide a personalized experience to the people involved in their event. Moreover, it also allows people to connect and discuss similar ideas about the event on a single unified platform without any direct costs involved. An easy DIY process on the website involves creating an event ticketing page which automatically creates an app for the event. This app can be downloaded to share details, schedule, etc. of the event and help the attendees communicate and share ideas.
Starting work at a young age of 19 (Sanchit Malik) and 21 (Sachin Sharma), the founders come from different backgrounds but connect over similar interests. While, Sachin Sharma is an IIT Grad with a work experience with Synygy, Sanchit Malik is an engineer from MIT, Pune. They connect over their passion for work, and their hobbies of socializing and reading. They both love attending events and are a part of variety of activities happening around the city. They together try to attend as many events possible and grow & learn with the best minds across the country.
The two founders started working on the product in the fall of 2012 and successfully launched a full-version of their website in January, 2014 after raising seed funding from Mohit Garg, the Co-Founder & CEO of Mindtickle. They have seen a tremendous growth since then, serving more than 4000 events of various kind, growing at a rate of almost 15% each month and selling tickets worth more than 1 crore rupees within a few months of their launch. Presently, they have dedicated themselves towards improving the design of the app to provide a better user interface and create a unique experience for the users to build a world-class product which stands apart from all its competitors.
Demo App platform
Sanchit, also the co-founder of another start-up is passionate about heading the business development of TownScript while Sachin handles the product development given his technical expertise. When asked about their success mantra, the duo reveals that a dedicated team, shared goals & vision and the ability to resolve conflicts within the team have brought them so close to success. “Idea contributes only 5% while execution is the heart and soul of any start-up” adds Sanchit.
Facing competitors like BookMyShow, MeraEvents, Explara etc. TownScript distinguishes itself by its availability at minimal cost, and its ability of not being restricted only to large scale events. It can be easily used for variety of events ranging from free events to big conferences. With 70% inbound customers the team is currently working towards attracting huge businesses through direct partnership
Like any other start-up, even TownScript has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Being a technology driven start-up, they have faced difficulty in keeping pace with the growing competition. Reaching out and connecting with the right customers in such a fragmented section is another big challenge which they are slowly working on.
While the challenges are big, the duo is working hard to keep pace and improve their product. We wish them luck in their future endeavors and see where their hard work leads them!
Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneur

It’s a huge misconception that most of the entrepreneurs work for the sole aim of profit making. The world is now changing, and the entrepreneurs are becoming more socially conscious and hence, another new breed of entrepreneurs has taken birth, i.e. the social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs are those who aim to bring about a change, a revolution in the existing social system without foregoing the motive of profit making associated with any business. Social entrepreneurs pursue their entrepreneurial goals by building strong and sustainable business organizations which overcome the traditional practices of the society and work for the overall development of human beings. They attempt to find simple solutions to challenging social problems and try to construct business models which generate positive returns to the society and the nation as a whole.

Social entrepreneurs drive social growth and transformation and can be associated with diverse fields, such as health, education, environment, poverty alleviation, etc. They are beneficial because they do not work like traditional corporate businesses, but prioritize fulfilment of social goals over profit-making goals. They not only try to recognize the existing social issue, but they also aim to obtain a better understanding of the issues on a broader level. Obtaining a better understanding of the issue helps them develop innovative solutions to overcome the problem and hence, they can contribute towards society’s progress.

Some of the characteristics of a social entrepreneur are as follows:

ü  They are pragmatic leaders and visionaries who strive to contribute towards the progress of the society and help in building the nation
ü  Their focus lies in optimizing their financial resources to create sustainable social value
ü  They try to find innovative solutions like creating a new product, a new service or a better approach which helps solves existing social problems
ü  They take constructive feedback from the society and all those involved in the project and try to improve on their existing business model
ü  They try to reach as many people as possible through volunteers and through participation in their venture
ü  They have unwavering faith in capabilities of the people to contribute towards economic and social development
ü  They are passionate towards the cause they support
ü  They are ambitious and mission driven
ü  They have a practical approach and they use tools like market research, understanding consumer behavior, etc. to enhance the value added by their business
ü  They are risk-takers and they allow their passion to drive their work, hence, attracting a greater number of people towards their cause
ü  They are more result oriented and wish to see to produce more measurable results to measure the right impact
ü  They are socially resourceful in terms of networking, as that is a key skill which helps them attract more people towards their business
ü  They are the change drivers and feel elated to know that they are the change drivers in someone’s life


Unique Characteristics of the profit-oriented entrepreneur
Unique characteristics of social entrepreneur
Characteristics common to both entrepreneurs
Mission leader
Risk taker
Emotionally charge
Strategic thinker
Change agent
Initiative taker
Holistic view of issues
Opinion leader
Value creator
Social value creator
High achiever
Socially alert


Highly accountable

TABLE: Characteristics comparison of profit making entrepreneur and social entrepreneur


Types of Social Organizational Models

i)                    One of the basic models is leveraged non-profit venture, where the entrepreneur sets up the organization to address the need for innovation to address either a government or a market failure. The social entrepreneur tries to engage different sections of the society to drive the innovation in the system through a multiplier effect. These kinds of organizations are dependent on funding from outside sources, but they enhance their probability of long-term sustainability through engagement with partners whose vested interest matches the aim of the organization.
ii)                  The second model is the social business venture where the social entrepreneur aims to create profits without compromising on the social goals. In this model, the organization creates a social product or service or an ecological and environment friendly product and sells it for purpose of creating profit simultaneously ensuring that there is no negative impact on the society. Their main aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and simultaneously ensure financial gains for sustainable development of the venture. Most of the generated profits are reinvested in the business to expand and reach out a greater audience. They also try and connect with investors who share the same purpose as them.
iii)                Third type of venture is hybrid non-profit venture where the organization created is a not for profit organization which aims to cover its costs through sale of goods and services. This kind of entrepreneurs setup separate legal entities to account for their earnings. In addition to trying to mobilize other sources also to help them develop their business, they also seek funds in terms of loans or grants to be able to sustain their activities and address the needs of their clients. Most of their clients are people belonging to poor or marginalized societies.


How can the country benefit from this new breed of entrepreneurs? Is it worth pursuing?

Social entrepreneurship is all about utilizing the existing knowledge and finding out practical and innovative solutions to create a sustainable, value-delivering business model which benefits the society and helps in the progress of the nation. It is a unique approach to solve social problems, without compromising on business motive of generating profits. Social entrepreneurship cuts across diverse sectors may it be at organization-level or at individual level. We need more social entrepreneurs in the country who can dedicate their lives for improvement of social conditions and be the change drivers of the society.

Some examples of Social Entrepreneurs:

1)      Arvind Eye care hospital which provides quality and affordable eye care to millions of people across the country
2)      SKS Microfinance which provides micro credit to poor farmers for the purpose of food security

Hence, we see how these new breed of entrepreneurs will drive the growth in future years, and how each breed is an important contributor in their each true sense.
Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship

There has been a huge shift in technological trends across the globe and as a result, the world is witnessing a rapidly growing digital economy. Easy access and availability of information and communication technologies such as cloud computing, mobile solutions, growth of social media and data analytics has increased the range of new business opportunities for the entrepreneurs. These technologies are influential tools which hold the power to reshape entire industries, reduce entry barriers, redefine value chains, increase market intelligence and provide opportunities for growth and innovation. If exploited correctly, these technologies hold enormous potential to create vast business value for the budding entrepreneurs. Increased usage of advanced digital technologies by new business enterprises can accelerate growth and increase employment opportunities as there is enormous scope of innovation in this sector. Hence, there is a huge underlying potential for digital entrepreneurs to grow.

Digital entrepreneurship consists of all those entrepreneurs who make a living by conducting business in the digital technology sector and can include basic activities such as development of web and mobile applications, earning a living through blogging, acting as social media influencers for organizations or simply interacting or creating digital content. These digital entrepreneurs also known as netpreneurs embark on new ventures by transforming or assisting the existing businesses by use of novel digital technologies or exploiting the opportunities created by these new technologies. Digital enterprises focus on the implementation of new digital technologies like power of social media, big data, mobile computing, cloud solutions, machine to machine connectivity, business intelligence tools, etc. to increase the efficiency of existing business operations, engage and interact with customers, increase value for stakeholders and ultimately create new avenues of growth.

The amount of digital connect has increased manifold and the digital connectivity is increasing with each passing second. According to experts the world has only begun to exploit the potential of the digital technology and we have successfully achieved only 1% digital connectivity till now. The number of devices which are connected with each other, and are simultaneously creating data, automating business processes and providing various services is simply exploding with technology cost declining on a logarithmic scale.

Many new ventures and enterprises are already leveraging the digital technologies to create value and have significant economic impact, but the digital entrepreneurs also face some challenges, some of which are as listed below:

ü  SPEED: The technology is growing at a tremendous speed. Keeping up with this speed is becoming increasingly difficult as factors like globalization, changing stakeholder expectations and increasing customer demands add to the complexity of the issue.

ü  GLOBAL COMPETITION: Launching the new digital technology or technology driven product is not the only challenging step for a digital entrepreneur. It’s just the start of a complex and hard journey. Increasing market demands for continuous improvement, and integration of various disciplines like content, graphics, technology, services, relationships, etc. all together has led to increased global competition which is difficult to cope up with without having the right skill-set and appropriate technology at the right time. There is an underlying need for constant innovation for all netpreneurs, without which they face the threat of extinction or being out casted by competition.

ü  NEED FOR COLLABORATION, EXPERIMENTATION and ADAPTABILITY: The netpreneurs should be willing to collaborate with other firms in order to grow on a larger scale. They should keep experimenting with the latest technologies and should try to adapt their product with changing customer needs. All netpreneurs should develop the habit of rapidly responding to changes as and when they occur.

ü  MAINTENANCE OF DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: In order to sustain success, the netpreneurs should ensure maintenance of right distribution channels.



i)                    Digital Knowledge Base and Information and Communication Technology Market
ii)                  Culture of entrepreneurship
iii)                The business environment in the digital sector
iv)                Accessibility to finance
v)                  Technological Skills


How can the country benefit from this new breed of entrepreneurs? Is it worth pursuing?

The increasing use of technology and the ease with which the technology decreases the load of work is simply amazing, and netpreneurs are utilizing this technology to makes life simpler and more efficient. The new technologies are providing us more flexible ways of scaling our businesses and that too in an easy and quick way, hence creating a highly favorable environment for the netpreneurs. Netpreneurs are using this technology to redefine the way we live and use technology for our day-to-day life activities. They have enabled us to have better connectivity with each other and increase the transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of our business, hence, they are the people to watch out for as they will be the ones shaping the way we see our future. We may get to experience new experiences, listen to new kind of music that we have never even thought of, watch movies and play games in a way never imagined of and be exposed to many more new experiences if we let these digital entrepreneurs experiment and give them more growth opportunities.

Some notable examples of netpreneurs:

·         Websites like FLIPKART, EBAY and SNAPDEAL which have revolutionized the way people shop.
·         ZOMATO has changed the way we decide to find a place to eat out
·         FreeCharge has made recharging a cellular phone easier

·         OLX has made selling and buying second hand products easier by connecting the seller and buyer

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