My Most Memorable Day

As children, we are born with our own optimism with a distinct clarity and simplicity of thoughts, but as we grow up we see the realities of life and tell ourselves that this world is not as beautiful as we thought it to be, completely forgetting that the world is as we see it through our eyes, and the real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It’s the most memorable of days, which make us leave our pessimism behind, and see the life through a different lens. These moments define our lives, and stay with us forever and ever. Most of the times, these moments are moments we spend with our loved ones and the people who care about us.

Through this blog post, I would like to share one of my memorable moments with you all. For me, all days of the year are same. I am not the person, who is excited about festivals in particular. However, for me the most important day of the year is my birthday. It’s the day I look forwards to and wish for it to be the most perfect! One of the most memorable days for me was my 20th birthday. The day began with birthday celebrations with hostel friends. I received some beautiful gifts from my friends, which included tops, accessories and hell lot of chocolates. I and my friends gossiped till 4 am in the morning and we had some special girls’ night full of gossips and fun games. The morning began with loads of calls from friends and family members, filled with birthday wishes. Next, all my college friends belonging to different groups collaborated, and threw me a small party in the college canteen. After these celebrations, I went on to attend college, and we were elated to find out that due to some reasons, the lectures for the day stood cancelled. My project group friends took the opportunity and celebrated my birthday along with other class friends. We went out for lunch, and clicked a lot of amazing pictures. I received another set of my favorite chocolates from my friends. On coming back, I was greeted by another cake from another group of my college friends. We all went out to chocolate room for some desserts and enjoyed some good laughs together. Later, my roomies planned to throw me a surprise party and we all went out clubbing. We enjoyed the remaining hours of the day dancing together and connecting to each other. In the end, I found out a small scarp book and a Barbie doll under my bed as a gift from a few of my friends. The gifts were perfect, and time well spent with the loved ones! It was simply the best birthday ever!

That was my memorable day story, share yours with us and connect with with more #Together stories. 

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