"GET TO THE TOP-Rules for Social Success" by Suhel Seth

I am sharing the parts of the book which I feel are very useful, and if applied in daily life, may help each individual. They are not teachings, rather some practical thoughts, which can easily help you climb up the ladder of success.
  • When it comes to getting ahead in life, who we know is as important as what we do.

  • SELF DEVELOPMENT RULE : Be interested & interesting.

  • Read as widely as you can.

  • Knowledge is recession proof & has a universal appeal.

  • You will never have enough. Don't be insecure about this. Rather, be secure in the belief that you will learn more & be prepared to learn all the time. The mind must be an ever absorbing sponge.

  • The only way you can think tangentially is if you have an open mind & enough knowledge to back your ideas up.

  • GRATITUDE is an important ingredient of strong character. The more you express it, the better off you will be.

  • Surround yourself with interesting people.

  • LIFE is not about being simply interested in things. It is about being involved with them.

Penthouze with luxuries of a Penhthouze


Onyx Tower,
(Next to Westin Hotel)

Cost for two-Rs. 1500/-

#Love Scale : Free Couple Entry on most Weekdays, make it an attractive option! :)

#Ambiance Meter:
Within an year of its existence, Penthouze has redefined "rocking" in Pune's nightlife. Get high on the stunning view of the Pune city from this club. Located on the 14th floor of the Onyx Tower, this club offers a unique ambiance.

The whole space is divided into an inside and an outside region, with bar on both sides. 

a) The inside area consists of few huge tables and plush sofas to seat large group of people. Perch yourself at the full fledged bar, and sip on your poison enjoying the amazingly done lights at Penthouze (The lighting inside looks magnificent in the night...) or enjoy a private conversation with your friends at the cushy sofas.

b) Outside, is where the real party goes on! Soak yourself in the open air ambiance of Penthouze, and get ready for a fun night!! 
         The sprawling space has two kinda seating arrangements : One with low level white sofas and cushioned furniture at the center of the space, and other being the low lying seating areas on the boundary of the club (to enjoy a spectacular view of the city while you sip on your drinks.) The dance floor sparkles with laser beams. The raised areas buzz with a glorious view of the Pune city under the wise and watchful stars. You can also see a large sign of PH gleaming above (significantly marking its presence in the nightlife of this small city).
#Ladies : WATCH OUT! There's too much air sometimes...take care of your hair! ;)

#Service Factor :
The waiters keep poking you until you decide on your order, which can get quite irritating sometimes. Rest the service is okayish.

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Retro Night
Wednesday - Bollywood Nights
Thursday- EDM Hit Nights
Fri , Sat, Sun- Varying Events. (Inquire before you go!)

#TIP : The club gives way to a huge Pune crowd on Bollywood Nights! Must Visit!

#Oomph factor :
The bar is manned by professionally trained barmen. The happy bartender is happy to whip up whatever you're in mood for...Ask the bartender for specials like MOLECULE-R or sip on the regular Martinis and Cocktails. If you want something even more special and exquisite, you can opt for Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, France or Dom Perignon, France (Yes, they hold those special exquisite drinks, just in case VIP's decide to drop in!) :)

There are only a limited options in food, and the food is okayish...Nothing to talk about!

#Dress Code :
Guys : They're pretty strict about the dress-code for men : smart casuals and no open footwear please! 
Girls : You know, you look sexy in anything you wear! ;)

#Entry :
Stags allowed, when you go in large groups. Couple entry free on Tue, Wed, Thurs while its 1000 bucks per couple on the rest of the days.

Enjoy great music with special themed nights...The music playing depends on the Theme of the night, and the DJ doesn't takes requests for songs! :(

Their bollywood nights are among my favourites, coz that's somethin you dont find in every other club...The change is fun for a while! :)

#Cost factor :
It's a little costly on the prices. The Menu doesn't includes taxes, so when the bill comes, you go into a little shock! :p But its justified on the account that the club offers free couple entry on most weekdays.

#Final verdict:
I quite loved it. You could go here, if you looking for a fun night with friends.

Follow them on facebook @ Penthouze Night Club for more updates! :)

Oak Lounge...After Party ne1?


Mundhwa Road,
KP, Pune

Cost for two - Rs. 2000/- 
Decor- 8/10

#Love Scale - Good for late night after parties, when you just wanna party to your heart's content!

#Ladies Night : Wednesday is ladies night. Ladies get unlimited free cocktails before 10:30pm and 1 drink free after that...So ladies, reach early, and enjoy your night!

#Ambiance Meter :
Oak has a unique ambiance. With a glass wall on one side and mirrored bar on the other, the place does looks pretty impressive. The innovative art installations in the dazzzzling indoors catch one's eye...There are small sofas for a few to grab a seat. The place is cozy and fully air conditioned. The sexily dim-lit bar holds an exquisite collection of wines and whiskeys. The artificial fireplace is quite attractive too.

There is ample space for large group of friends to enjoy their drinks and each other , and shake a leg on the dance floor.

#Disappointing Factor : Oak gets cramped up after the party starts, and its a task to move out of the party to go to the smoke room, which is away from the party.

#Service Factor :
The service is prompt and polite. 

#Buzz :
The after work crowd pours in, in huge amount. Also, with places closing down at 12am, this place is a favorite spot for the people who wanna party till morning. 

With only couple charge and free entry at the club, its definitely a place everyone would love! The bar is crowded during the weekdays, and its difficult to get in at the weekends, after 11, as the entry is on the first come first serve basis. 

You will observe a mixed crowd of young as well as middle-aged people at Oak. 


#Oomph factor :
Sip on your poison with the little snacks they offer. Although, not a large variety of food available, the food offered is average.

#Dress Code :
Dress smart and casual if you thinking of partying at Oak.

#Acoustics :
Music tempo is pumped up as the night wears on...Amazing music by talented DJ's...House music is great!

#Cost Factor :
Although a little on the costly side, with free entry and the amazing party , the prices are self-explanatory.

#TIP : 

Tempo of the night usually picks up after 12am...Reach here before 11pm on weekends, to avoid the queue. If you reach early, don't be disappointed to see a little crowd, just relax into the night and the tempo of the music will build up to an everlasting party.

#Final Verdict :
Recommended for after parties and great parties over the weekends...You'll have a good time at Oak! :)

Follow them @oakwoodpune for more updates!

#TIP :
Book your table through @hungrytable (TWITTER) i.e. hungrytable.in and avail 10% off on food & soft beverages at Bistro-Oakwood Premier, Oakleaf- Oakwood Residence and Sen5es Oakwood Premier!

Au Revoir!

Hilton Shillim Estate and Spa ...Pictures say it all...Luxury at its peak!

The Beautiful Drawing and Dining Room of the Hilton Shillim Estate and Spa Valley View Villa.

The dining area at The Hilton Shillim Estate and Spa valley view villa

The beautiful bedroom with an amazing valley view and the view of the nature only at Hilton Shillim Estate and Spa

Jacuzzi with a beautiful valley view only at the Hilton Shillim Estate and Spa Valley view villa 
The Spa Swimming Pool at the villa at Hilton Shillim Spa and Estate

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Japanese Garden...Peaceful getaway

Sinhagad Road,

A hidden treasure in the city of Pune, is the Japanese Garden. 

#Also known by the names:
1) Pu La Deshpande Garden, and 
2) Okayama Friendship Garden. 

It is one of the most beautiful spots around the Pune city. During rainy season, the sight is splendid! 

#Location : Sinhagad Road, Pune

#Novelty Factor : The garden is beautifully constructed with little waterfalls, bridges, garden and clean paths to walk around the garden. The basic theme on which the garden has been constructed is mind-boggling.

#Based On : 
The garden is based on the famous 'Korakuen Garden' in the city of Okayama in Japan. 

#About :
Spread over sprawling 10 acres of land, the garden represents the style, structure and culture of an authentic Japanese Garden. It is very well-maintained by the authorities. 

#Salient Feature :
  • Walking through the garden takes you on a picturesque stroll, which is a sheer treat for the eyes!
  • Small artificial lake in the middle of the garden with a small island on it, where a little building in the Japanese style has been constructed. 
  • Tiny yet beautiful waterfall at one end of the garden.
  • A small artificial river passes all through the garden with little bridge constructed over them.
  • Well manicured lawns
  • Shallow pools filled with small, round pebbles.
  • Bamboo bridges, and bamboo seats
  • Walking over the grass is not allowed, but there is a path constructed in the garden, hence, allowing you to stroll all around easily and enjoy the changing landscape.

It takes you away from the hustle-bustle, noise and the pollution of the city and is a beautiful place to go on a holiday, especially during the spring and rainy season. 

#Timings :
Morning : 6 to 10:30 am
Evening : 4 to 8pm

#Entry Fee : 5 rupees.

#Final Verdict :
You can enjoy the serenity of nature, with peace at the Japanese Garden. A must visit if you are in Pune! :)

Terttulia...Man made heaven..;)


Off Lane 5,
KP, Pune 

Cost for 2- Rs.1500/-
Decor- 10/10

#Love Scale- Infinite Love for them! 

#Ambiance Meter :
A legendary place like this should not be missed! It is "the place to go" if you wanna have the perfect dining experience. It was an exciting sweet surprise, when my friends selected Terttulia for our last party in Pune.
What an amazing treasure we discovered!

Well lit, spacious, and a happy space with soft lighting. Its a cheerful place that can make you smile and make you forget all your woes for that little time you dine here.

Terttulia has a stylish yet warm and welcoming area, with witty quotes on the outside board which make you smile. 

The dining area is roughly divided into 3 different areas. The outside area has a lot of vibrant paintings and artistic articles adorning the wall. It kinda gives you a cafe feel. The  inside area is roughly divided into two areas. (I particularly admired the well stocked racks of wines and champagnes.) On one side they have comfortable chairs and tables for dining, while on the other they have a bar and a nice private area for couples and for private parties. There are small focus lights in the dining area, which fall on your face, hence making it perfect to take some beautiful pictures here.

PS : Guys, if you wanna woo your date or propose to the special one in your life, book their private area for a party. Its beautiful, stylish and most of all 'private'. They also provide you with complimentary wine/champagne. ( Inquire about the prices beforehand.)

#Service Factor :

One of winning streaks of the ever so famous Terttulia is the world-class service they offer. The unusual devotion of the manager, makes the experience enjoyable and unforgettable. The service is quick, and the manager double checks each order, to make sure its perfect! Never been soo impressed by the service of any place...

#Buzz :
Climbing to fame, with their delish food, perfect service to the customers and the relaxing yet luxurious interiors...Terttulia enjoys loyal customer following like me...The place is buzzing with people almost all day. The place is flooded with people all day who come here for breakfast, just to hang out with each other, catching up over a coffee or people who are here for a nice dining experience.

#Oomph Factor :
They have many a delicious surprise in store with the extensive range of delicacies they offer. The Belgian Waffles and their Terttulia classic pancakes with a touch of exclusivity, indeed make breakfast the best meal of the day.

They house universes most fantastically creative gourmand. They have taken cooking to a whole new level. They have a mix of comfort food and fancy stuff on their menu. You can order one of their innovative and intriguingly named indulgences, or if you are in a fix of what to order (being a first timer), ask your waiter for a recommendation, and they'll help you order one of their innovative dishes. They give us their own version of the delicacies, which is bound to leave a lasting impression! 

Dally over their perfectly done desserts for a perfect finish. They serve the most amazing desserts most definitely fit for gods! 

#Presentation :
Presentation of food is exquisite!

#Cost Factor :
Although a little on the pricey side, the perfectly cooked meals are totally worth the price!

WARNING : The meals are sumptuous but the portions are little small..So watch out for that!

#My Recommendation :
Reward you appetite with the pleasure of their speciality, the Pizza Terttulia-aah. It is one of a kind, and tastes divine.

#Final Verdict :
It is said the with the right passion and dedication, one can get anywhere, and Terttulia has proved that by winning so many prizes from TimesCity, and other organizations. It continues to attract curious and hungry new patrons.Once you try it, you'll keep coming back for more.

Follow on twitter @terttulia for more updates!

#TIP : 
Book your table at Terttulia through @hungrytable at hungrytable.in and avoid the waiting at ur fav restaurant!

ROCKVILLE...My fav at the Pub Street!


CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai

Party Cost for 2-Rs. 1000/-

#Love Scale-9/10

#Ladies Night : Every Night is a ladies night! Check the restaurant for more offers! :)

#Ambiance Meter :
Along the pub street of Belapur, lies Rockville. This is one of my favorites among the pubs in Belapur, due to the amazing happy hours offers. 

With comfortable chairs and sofas, they have a seating capacity of 100-120 people. The entry looks quite splendid with the beautiful doors on the outside. Rockville is divided into two areas for sitting. As smoking is not allowed inside, smokers prefer to sit on the bar stools outside. For a perfect dining experience, you can sit on the splendid chairs they have arranged beautifully.Or if you are out with your friends for a fun day/night out, you can choose the sofas facing the LCD screen and enjoy watching the music videos and food together!

#Service Factor :
Service is good. The waiter didn't trouble us much and gave us enough time to decide on our order, while we waited for our friends. Although, they take time to serve the food, the waiters are friendly, and keep updating you with the food status, when asked! :)

#Thirst Quenching Factor :
They have amazing 1 on 1 offers on domestic liquors. From cocktails to beer, they have the most amazing prices, and most amazing happy hours offers! If you are on a budget and still wanna have a fun time, that's the place to be guys! :)

#Buzz : 
During the daytime, the pub is little crowded. In the evenings, you could see the pub buzzing with young people! :)

#Music :
Music is okayish. Needs improvement. Not disappointing, but the DJ should play some new tracks, leaving behind the old and trusted ones! 

#Oomph Factor :
Slurp! Slurp! Yummmm...The food is delicious. We tried out the chicken pasta, and the mushroom surprise. The food is amazing! Its well cooked and cooked to perfection...:)

#Cost Factor :
Pocket Friendly and complete VFM...:)

#My Recommendation :
Try out the strawberry and Kiwi Martini. They make it beautifully! And if you are a lady, ask the waiter for the ladies special offers...They offer you 3 free martinis at all times and you can choose from 4 different flavors..:)

#Final Verdict :
You might not find the place too appealing while you are standing in the middle of the road, trying to decide which Pub to go..But trust me, check out this place, its worth it! :)

Shakahaari..a Veggie Delight!


J.W. Marriot
S.B. Road,

Dinner for two- Rs. 1800/-
Decor- 10/10

#Love Scale-9.5/10

#Ambiance Meter :
Shakahari continues to be a delight to all the vegans out there! As the name proclaims, Shakahari serves only vegetarian food...Out of the many options available for dining and partying at The JW Marriot, Pune...ranging from Miami to Paasha, Shakahaari to Pune Baking Company), Shakahari is my favourite ..<3 <3 

Its definitely the place that every vegan should go once!

Enter the beautiful entrance of Marriot, and climb up a flight of stairs to reach this food heaven...You definitely know your heart skips a beat when you enter this beautiful restaurant...You are just awestruck for a few moments...Nice, wide wooden tables and large sofas for relaxed and comfortable seating. Slick and stylish with impressive detailing. The interiors are pleasant, bright and spacious. Kick back, relax and enjoy the world cuisine menu. I guarantee every vegan the satisfaction of eating out at Shakahari.

#Service Meter :
The service is good. The waiters are well versed, very helpful and courteous. They definitely serve you well!They direct you towards each course of the meal. Some are served on the table, while some you have to go and get on your own... They help you savour every morsel of the food, by giving you enough time between each course of the meal. :)

#Oomph Factor :
The food...Please let me get my breath back...Even thinking about the sumptuous meal at Shakahari, takes my breath away. It was so delicious! They serve Asian Vegetarian as well as Jain and Marwari Food...Food to suit every palate...

Only the chef knows the secret recipes! :p They offer authentic food, with consistency in the quality of food.

We tried out the Laksa Soup, and it was the first ever soup that blew my mind off! It was very delicious...Secret blend of vermicelli and chinese spices, it continues to be the best soup I ever tried! :) 
One can order 2 starters out of the available list of starters. The starters were good. We proceeded for the salads. They have a large variety available in salads. We tried to taste all of them, but we didnt have enough space on our plate to try each one of them!! 

The next course, was the main course. We ordered dal, paneer and mix veg. It was served hot, and it was delicious. We ordered kulchas in place of naan and roti, and we were not disappointed..:)

Last but not the least comes the desserts...Best describing them I can say, "To die for desserts!! ". Save some space for the desserts, coz they are the best part of their buffet! From mango mouse to caramel ice cream..The desserts are simply mouthwatering...Loved them!!

#Cost factor :
The buffet for one costs around 800-900 including all taxes. Even though a little on the pricey side, it is worth every penny. 

#Final Verdict :
Even though the cost factor comes into play, I would recommend this to every vegan in town, coz of their amazing food, service and ambiance. Do not miss Shakahari...So, go ahead and indulge in all the veggie delights offered by Shakahari, and feel free to share your experiences here! :)

Follow on twitter @JWMarriottPune for more updates!


F.C. Road,
Deccan Gymkhana,

Decor- 5/10
Meal for two- Rs.300/-
#VFM Meal
#Pure Veg

#Love Scale- 5/10

#Ambiance Meter :
Well sunlit place with walls painted the color of lime and passion fruit. It lacks lustre and buzz.The place is basically a hang-out for the youngsters. They have table bench furniture. Nothing out of the ordinary. They should improve upon the interiors to attract more crowd.

#Service Factor :
The service is fast. The waiters serve you hot food, and dont take too long to prepare food.

#Oomph Factor :
The main thing about Pepinoes is that the ambiance doesn't bother you much, when they serve you the food. They serve salads, sandwiches, smoothies, pastas, wraps, nachos and their signature pepwiches. Although, the variety is limited, the food is great and very reasonably priced. The cheese sauce nachos are finger licking! The cream cheese sauce pasta is great!

Out of the pepwiches, my favourite is creamy mushroom. Others are worth trying too! They also have a wide variety of smoothies available. We ordered Aloha Pineapple, Coo-chi-koo, Bananarama and death by chocolate. Each one of them was very well presented and tasted amazing!

#Tip : Order one of the Combos to save some money! :) They have some amazing combo offers..

#Crowd :
The place is never too crowded. You will always find a group or two of youngsters hanging out here.

#Final Verdict :
If they imrpove on their ambiance, they could work out better. The food is good, and reasonable priced, hence worth a visit, but nothing too great to frequent this place.

#Hang Out for Friends #Once in a Blue Moon

Kue...5 Star feel with overpriced and overrated food/drinks

The Westin,
Koregaon Park,

Buzz- 8/10
Night out for two-Rs. 2000 
Decor- 10/10

Party starts at 11...No use reaching there before time...Club is completely empty before that

#Love Scale - 8/10

#Ladies Night : Wednesdays

#Free Entry : Couples walk in free on Wednesdays before 11

#Ambiance Meter :
The Westin is a well known name in itself. You get the 5 star and luxurious feel just by the name. The entrance makes your eyes glow up,as you approach this beautifully standing building of The Westin. From Porsche to Ferrari, from BMW to Audi, you'll notice all big people at the hotel. 

An awesome, high ceiling-ed, sprawling club located at one of the prime locations in Pune. Whimsically done, yet so relaxed. It compels you to let go of your regular life for a while, and enter the world of fashionistas and the world of glamour. The club is divided into two areas. One side of the bar is open with a wind tunnel, that keeps the bar completely cool whilst not allowing the loud music to escape. They have large sofas with beautifully lit up red tables and ceiling adorned with adorable red lamps. There is a huge LCD screen and they have nice warm music playing in before the real party starts.

The beautifully carved doors give way to the real party. The huge doors have a nice mirror put up between the adjoining area, which gives you a feel of entering your own huge palace. Inside is the real beauty! Superbly done interiors. It takes time for your eyes to adjust to this beautiful area. Abstract design on the roof, a large bar, nice comfortable seating area and a dance floor waiting for the party to begin. One side of the dance floor is where the DJ pays the music, and on the other side are the amazing big speakers. The decor of the place is pretty impressive...You have to see it yourself to actually enjoy the real beauty of this place. Believe me, its thrice as beautiful as it looks in the pictures.

If you are looking for a party with class, this is the place to be!

#Thirst Quenching Factor :
They have a well stocked bar, with all kind of drinks available, ranging from Vodka to Whisky...Being a part of the luxurious Westin, it is definitely heavy on the pocket, but if you wanna enjoy the party, then once in a blue moon, its okay to spend lavishly! :)

#Music :
The only unstable factor of Kue is its music. I have been here on several occasions, and the music has varied widely on all my visits. One time, they were playing EDM + 90's music, which is definitely a turn off! While next time, there was DJ Aqeel, who was of course fantastic like always. He just knew what tracks to play and when! We danced for 4 hours non-stop, and everytime I wanted to give my feet some rest, the DJ would play one of my favourite tracks, and I just couldnt stop myself from dancing.

#Buzz :
The elite class comes here. Its not a place for everyone! The crowd is classy and amazingly hot! ;) You can expect to find the best crowd here...from Indians to foreigners, the people are well-behaved and classy. (Each one of them! Watch out what you wear! :) )

#Service Meter :
The service is okayish. Not too friendly, not too ill-mannered. They serve you well! 

#Oomph Factor :
Ordering food here is a sheer waste of money! Starters starting from Rs. 600/- the food definitely needs an improvement. We ordered 2 starters. From very little quantity to disappointing presentation of the food, I would definitiely prefer having my dinner outside. Would recommend you never to eat here! :(

#Ladies Night :
They have Ladies nights on Wednesdays. They offer free shots to the ladies, but the shots are way too diluted. The DJ announces free shots for the ladies, once in every half an hour or so, and the ladies rush to the bar. The hot bartenders pour the shots dire
ctly in your mouth! Its fun to do that once or twice, but running like silly ladies everytime, seems to loose its charm after a while..:)

#Final Verdict :
With free couple entry and the party starting at 11 and going on till 3, its definitely an experience in Pune's nightlife. Come here if you wanna dance your ass off, but if you are on a budget, do not think of drinking or eating out here. Rest, its fun!! :)

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