Japanese Garden...Peaceful getaway

Sinhagad Road,

A hidden treasure in the city of Pune, is the Japanese Garden. 

#Also known by the names:
1) Pu La Deshpande Garden, and 
2) Okayama Friendship Garden. 

It is one of the most beautiful spots around the Pune city. During rainy season, the sight is splendid! 

#Location : Sinhagad Road, Pune

#Novelty Factor : The garden is beautifully constructed with little waterfalls, bridges, garden and clean paths to walk around the garden. The basic theme on which the garden has been constructed is mind-boggling.

#Based On : 
The garden is based on the famous 'Korakuen Garden' in the city of Okayama in Japan. 

#About :
Spread over sprawling 10 acres of land, the garden represents the style, structure and culture of an authentic Japanese Garden. It is very well-maintained by the authorities. 

#Salient Feature :
  • Walking through the garden takes you on a picturesque stroll, which is a sheer treat for the eyes!
  • Small artificial lake in the middle of the garden with a small island on it, where a little building in the Japanese style has been constructed. 
  • Tiny yet beautiful waterfall at one end of the garden.
  • A small artificial river passes all through the garden with little bridge constructed over them.
  • Well manicured lawns
  • Shallow pools filled with small, round pebbles.
  • Bamboo bridges, and bamboo seats
  • Walking over the grass is not allowed, but there is a path constructed in the garden, hence, allowing you to stroll all around easily and enjoy the changing landscape.

It takes you away from the hustle-bustle, noise and the pollution of the city and is a beautiful place to go on a holiday, especially during the spring and rainy season. 

#Timings :
Morning : 6 to 10:30 am
Evening : 4 to 8pm

#Entry Fee : 5 rupees.

#Final Verdict :
You can enjoy the serenity of nature, with peace at the Japanese Garden. A must visit if you are in Pune! :)

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