Mezzuna...Lazy Sunday Brunch Next Door

City Road
Dhole Patil Road

Cost for 2 : Rs 1500/-

Décor – 9/10

#Love Scale : 9/10

#Ambiance Meter :
This lovely Mediterranean Bar and kitchen has a nice fine dine ambiance with a little Mediterranean feel to it. The place has an ambiance perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch or a relaxed meal with family & friends.

The place consists of two seating areas :

The inside area has beautiful geometrical seating areas which give u a feeling of sitting in a booth. The seating area is spacious and gives you good privacy.
The stunning outside area is quite relaxing and inviting (it’s the main relaxing zone here!) where they have sofa seating (with weather cane sofas) with green and white as their theme color.  It is very relaxing to sit on the outdoors beneath the sun on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The outside area is perfect for a romantic evening on a cool night in Pune.
On the insides, they have a nice bar on one side  while on the other side, you can see the racks stacked up with beautiful kitchen goodies, sauces, breads along with the desserts on display. Overall, the ambiance is made for lazy dinners and lunches!!

#Service factor :
Ayan, the manager greeted us warmly and escorted us to our table. He personally made sure we were well assisted and looked after. Even though the service is a little slow, I have no complaints about it!

#Oomph factor :
Mezzuna serves exquisite Mediterranean food. Take your pick among the ala-carte menu or the buffet spread. The ala carte menu is extensive, but if you want to just have the best of food they have, I’d say you choose the buffet option. (You have an option of making your brunch available with unlimited alcohol too…isn’t that great?!)
Our brunch started with a small tour of the place to check out the outdoors and the live counters with the respective chefs.
Coming to the food, for starters, we had the Thin-crust pizzas, Parmesan Zucchini fritters, mushroom balsamico and scarmoza grilled potatoes. The mushrooms were well-cooked and the grilled potatoes tasted good and different (we even had it for the second time). The thin crust pizzas were very well prepared.
Next, we tried the crepes which were amazing!! You can choose your own fillings and salads from the live counter.
The eggs benedict here are just yummm yummm yummm….
Coming to the main course, the pumpkin ravioli and Rissoto were filling and tasted average.
Coming to the dessert-menu (which looked mouth-watering), I loved the Tiramisu! Surprises continue with the Chocolate tart (for dark-chocolate lovers…its heavenly!) …but the cup-cakes were just average and can definitely be improved upon! Overall, a satisfying meal!

#Cost factor :
The brunch costs around 700 per person (without alcohol) and given the variety and quality of food, I would say its totally worth it!
#My Recommendation :
Try their banana-strawberry smoothie, its just awesome!! The mocktails are also very well prepared! J

#Final Verdict :
For a lazy Sunday afternoon, this place is perfect in all aspects. If you are a foodie or love trying out new food and new places, this place is a must visit!

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Spark a change! Stay Free & Healthy!

Stayfree Secure is conducting a contest, named Spark a Change (Stay Free and Stay Healthy) and this is my entry for the same!

The best way to bring a change in this world, is to be the change yourself!

I would like to spark the change by educating as many people as I can, and donating to those charities which work to educate the people of India.

Female education is among one of the major factors, which makes a huge difference in the overall development of the country. Gender equality and access to education will go a long way in developing India, overall as a nation.

Even though, the overall literacy rate has risen to a great extent, still a large part of the population remain uneducated. The empirical evidence as derived from the extensive analyses of the Demographic and Health Surveys in India shows that the dominant force for limiting fertility is female education : more educated women want fewer children and tend to provide them with better life chances in terms of better health and education.

As the saying goes, "the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world:". The statement signifies that the mother exercises a very great influence over the lines of her children and is able to mould their thoughts and character. If she is educated, she will make an impression on the minds of their children, that will go a long way in the overall personality development of the children.

More educated women tend to have better access to information, and hence are able to impart a better education to their children as compared to the uneducated women. It is therefore an important aspect to develop a better and healthier India.


  • I would take weekend classes for poor children. 
  • I would join NGOs working in the field of education, and take active part in their campaigns to increase the number of participants in such programs. 
  • I would organize charity events, and use the money to open up small schools for imparting education to as many people as I can.
  • I would do everything in my power that I can, to educate as many as I can and spark a change!
Better education leads to a better country...Be the change and bring a Change!

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Momo Cafe

Courtyard Marriott
Bund Garden Road

Cost for 2- Rs. 2000/-


#Love Scale : 9/10

#Ambiance Meter :
Some places are timeless and one of these happens to be right in the heart of the city...Momo 2Go by Courtyard Marriott. This posh restaurant has a world class decor with a sprawling, handsome space that is beautiful enough to awe you. The ambiance is quite relaxing and inviting. It is here that the young and the not so young seem to have found their comfy spaces.

The restaurant is divided into two areas. The outside poolside and the beautiful inside seating area. Both together make up for an interesting ambiance. You can relax in a cosy ambiance inside with a comfortable seating arrangement or choose to relax by the poolside with your drinks in the refreshing daylight.

They serve up quite an experience for connoiseurs and many a surprise await for you in this lovely place (read : versatile retreat). Even when you are sober, the exquisite wine bottles and wacky glassware levitating glass shelves bar puts you in the mood. You can put this one in your Sunday relaxing zone!

#Service Factor :
The ever smiling and friendly waiting staff are always happy to offer suggestions with efficient service. The chef himself asks you for your personal preferences in the dishes! Who wouldn’t love that?!

#Buzz :
Momo 2Go with its soaring popularity is popular and packed almost all through the Sunday! You get into the spirit here by the lovely live music playing…Believe me, the beautiful singer sang some Adele songs, and I simply loved them!

#Oomph factor :
Still reminiscing about my sinful indulgences, while writing this review! Momo 2Go café has food to match your spirits. The multicuisine meandering menu is very interesting and has a brilliant variety of items on the list, including breakfast options and the desserts menu!

Satiate your thirst with their welcome drink. Take your pick between the natural nariyal pani, a mocktail and tea (if you are a tea-lover…which most of us are!). If you are in a snacky mood choose from quick bites like the fresh croissants or the Danish. Enjoy the variety of salads, and snacky options.

Wood fired pizzas and Italian white pasta are the stars of this glamorous menu. More substantial options include the variety of Indian gravies and fresh roti. Surprises continue with their yummy pancakes!!

DO NOT MISS their desserts…With an endless variety, and all of them being out of this world, the desserts will definitely never fail to appease you!

#Presentation :
The presentation of food contributes to an upscale dining experience. A treat for the eyes, and best place to take some foodgasmic pics! Don’t forget to take your camera along! :)

#Cost factor :
Honestly, they have high prices but standards to match!

#My Recommendation :
I have an unrivaled experience in taste and quality (especially with the desserts) ! Try out the wood-fired pizzas, the tea cake and do not eat too much in the main course coz you would wanna save the space for the endless variety of desserts here!

#Final Verdict :
I personally quite loved it and the experience left me mesmerized…You can call me a little biased, given it was my first foodie meet, but I did love the place!;)

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