Spark a change! Stay Free & Healthy!

Stayfree Secure is conducting a contest, named Spark a Change (Stay Free and Stay Healthy) and this is my entry for the same!

The best way to bring a change in this world, is to be the change yourself!

I would like to spark the change by educating as many people as I can, and donating to those charities which work to educate the people of India.

Female education is among one of the major factors, which makes a huge difference in the overall development of the country. Gender equality and access to education will go a long way in developing India, overall as a nation.

Even though, the overall literacy rate has risen to a great extent, still a large part of the population remain uneducated. The empirical evidence as derived from the extensive analyses of the Demographic and Health Surveys in India shows that the dominant force for limiting fertility is female education : more educated women want fewer children and tend to provide them with better life chances in terms of better health and education.

As the saying goes, "the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world:". The statement signifies that the mother exercises a very great influence over the lines of her children and is able to mould their thoughts and character. If she is educated, she will make an impression on the minds of their children, that will go a long way in the overall personality development of the children.

More educated women tend to have better access to information, and hence are able to impart a better education to their children as compared to the uneducated women. It is therefore an important aspect to develop a better and healthier India.


  • I would take weekend classes for poor children. 
  • I would join NGOs working in the field of education, and take active part in their campaigns to increase the number of participants in such programs. 
  • I would organize charity events, and use the money to open up small schools for imparting education to as many people as I can.
  • I would do everything in my power that I can, to educate as many as I can and spark a change!
Better education leads to a better country...Be the change and bring a Change!

If you want to participate in the Contest, and you think you have ideas to SPARK A CHANGE , submit your blog entry at : Stay Free and Healthy Contest

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