Want tasty khana delivered at your doorstep? Try tastykhana.com and you wont be disappointed!

TastyKhana.com  is an amazing initiative by a group of enthusiastic youngsters, who wanted to bring about a change and do something out of the ordinary. Tastykhana delivers food from your favourite restaurants right at your doorstep. With presence in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and Faridabad tastykhana aims to transform the way people order food online.

You know those days when you want to go out and have some great food, but you are way too tired to even get up from work or the day when you just want to cuddle up in the bed watching a movie but you feel hungry and wish to order food from your favorite restaurant. Well, tastykhana comes to your rescue! The biggest advantage of tastykhana is the amount of choice it provides you! Its just wonderful!

I prefer tastykhana mostly because, Tastykhana is convenient, as you can order food online or even from their mobile app (PS : Get a discount of Rs. 100 on order of Rs 350+). You can order food while you are on the go, and your food will reach by the time you reach home. You can order food for home-delivery or even order a takeaway, and the food gets delivered within the guaranteed time frame. Now, isnt that wonderful? Tastykhana is reliable and guarantees you quality of food, and I couldnt ask for more from them...

My Personal Experience
I have personally ordered my food from tastykhana a lot of times. I convert my cash into tastykhana accounts trinkets, so that I needn't have to do the transaction again and again, hence, it becomes hassle free.

I would like to share 2 of my experiences of tastykhana with you...

One day I was feeling too bored to go out and eat so I decided to place my order at the newly ordered restaurant in my area called the Curry Leaves. I faced a few problems with my transaction, so I called up tastykhana's helpline number and my issue was resolved within 5 minutes time. My delish food was delivered to my place just in time as specified by tastykhana. It was hot and fresh and the quality of the food was great! 

The other day, I came back home late, and by this time, most of the places around my house had closed down. I decided to place my order through tastykhana.com . Unfortunately, the main course curry I ordered was unavailable. Tastykhana called up, and soon provided me a variety of other options to choose from and also apologised for the inconvenience. I was impresses by their service. My food was delivered to me at near around 12 am. I was astonished they were working so late at night but highly impressed by the quality of service they provide.

Do try out the website, and I assure you, you are going to love it! :)

You can like them on facebook at  Tastykhana.com
You can even converse with them through twitter with their handle : @tastykhana
If you wanna know more and read more about tastykhana, read their blog at : Tasty Khana.com

PS : Did you know you could schedule an order for a specific day and specific time! Cool, right?

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