Should industries have a tie-up with institutions for professional courses?

TOPIC : Should industries have a tie-up with institutions for professional courses?

       With the advancement of technology and rapid developments around the world, it has become a necessity to keep oneself updated and continuously improve one’s skills. To facilitate such developments, industries tie-up with institutions for professional courses, but is it really the right approach?

       The industries expect its employees to be updated. To improve their chances of succeeding, the employees are expected to be aware of the latest trends and technologies in their respective fields. Due to lack of time, load of work and extended work-hours this goal becomes very difficult to achieve. Thus, the industries tie up with various institutions and select a few employees to undergo professional training in order to upgrade their skills. This is not always possible, as it becomes difficult for small organizations to invest in such facilities provided they have limited availability of funds

and resources. By enrolling a few selected employees in such courses, the company cost also increases to an extent, as they have to compensate for the absence of such employees. Moreover, not all employees accept such experimental measures. An open conducive environment is necessary for the employees to welcome such a change whole-heartedly.

       Even though, there are certain limitations to such measures, the advantages of introduction of such practices are no less. By enrolling in such professional courses, the employees get a chance to increase their efficiency and improve on their quality of work. Such employees are exposed to diverse crowds and undergo rigorous training programs. This helps in increasing their motivation and enthusiasm towards their job responsibilities and work, and become an asset to the company. Such improvements, also provide the employyes with diverse opprtunities and give them a chance to earn more than their presnt salary.

       As we observe, the benefits to the overall development of industries are much more than the cost and efforts required to implement such practices. I strongly believe that such measures should be appreciated and supported by all industry professionals.

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