Kue...5 Star feel with overpriced and overrated food/drinks

The Westin,
Koregaon Park,

Buzz- 8/10
Night out for two-Rs. 2000 
Decor- 10/10

Party starts at 11...No use reaching there before time...Club is completely empty before that

#Love Scale - 8/10

#Ladies Night : Wednesdays

#Free Entry : Couples walk in free on Wednesdays before 11

#Ambiance Meter :
The Westin is a well known name in itself. You get the 5 star and luxurious feel just by the name. The entrance makes your eyes glow up,as you approach this beautifully standing building of The Westin. From Porsche to Ferrari, from BMW to Audi, you'll notice all big people at the hotel. 

An awesome, high ceiling-ed, sprawling club located at one of the prime locations in Pune. Whimsically done, yet so relaxed. It compels you to let go of your regular life for a while, and enter the world of fashionistas and the world of glamour. The club is divided into two areas. One side of the bar is open with a wind tunnel, that keeps the bar completely cool whilst not allowing the loud music to escape. They have large sofas with beautifully lit up red tables and ceiling adorned with adorable red lamps. There is a huge LCD screen and they have nice warm music playing in before the real party starts.

The beautifully carved doors give way to the real party. The huge doors have a nice mirror put up between the adjoining area, which gives you a feel of entering your own huge palace. Inside is the real beauty! Superbly done interiors. It takes time for your eyes to adjust to this beautiful area. Abstract design on the roof, a large bar, nice comfortable seating area and a dance floor waiting for the party to begin. One side of the dance floor is where the DJ pays the music, and on the other side are the amazing big speakers. The decor of the place is pretty impressive...You have to see it yourself to actually enjoy the real beauty of this place. Believe me, its thrice as beautiful as it looks in the pictures.

If you are looking for a party with class, this is the place to be!

#Thirst Quenching Factor :
They have a well stocked bar, with all kind of drinks available, ranging from Vodka to Whisky...Being a part of the luxurious Westin, it is definitely heavy on the pocket, but if you wanna enjoy the party, then once in a blue moon, its okay to spend lavishly! :)

#Music :
The only unstable factor of Kue is its music. I have been here on several occasions, and the music has varied widely on all my visits. One time, they were playing EDM + 90's music, which is definitely a turn off! While next time, there was DJ Aqeel, who was of course fantastic like always. He just knew what tracks to play and when! We danced for 4 hours non-stop, and everytime I wanted to give my feet some rest, the DJ would play one of my favourite tracks, and I just couldnt stop myself from dancing.

#Buzz :
The elite class comes here. Its not a place for everyone! The crowd is classy and amazingly hot! ;) You can expect to find the best crowd here...from Indians to foreigners, the people are well-behaved and classy. (Each one of them! Watch out what you wear! :) )

#Service Meter :
The service is okayish. Not too friendly, not too ill-mannered. They serve you well! 

#Oomph Factor :
Ordering food here is a sheer waste of money! Starters starting from Rs. 600/- the food definitely needs an improvement. We ordered 2 starters. From very little quantity to disappointing presentation of the food, I would definitiely prefer having my dinner outside. Would recommend you never to eat here! :(

#Ladies Night :
They have Ladies nights on Wednesdays. They offer free shots to the ladies, but the shots are way too diluted. The DJ announces free shots for the ladies, once in every half an hour or so, and the ladies rush to the bar. The hot bartenders pour the shots dire
ctly in your mouth! Its fun to do that once or twice, but running like silly ladies everytime, seems to loose its charm after a while..:)

#Final Verdict :
With free couple entry and the party starting at 11 and going on till 3, its definitely an experience in Pune's nightlife. Come here if you wanna dance your ass off, but if you are on a budget, do not think of drinking or eating out here. Rest, its fun!! :)

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