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We all have those old things we don’t use and we want to sell off. What do we do with them? How do we sell them off? If I would have asked you this question a few years back, you would say, you’d rather give away the product to someone who can use it at a very low cost or for free, but thanks to Quickr, the scenario has completely changed.

Even if you have not used the Quickr to sell off or buy anything, I am sure you all must be aware about it, thanks to its fun quirky ads which signify how Quickr makes our life easy! If you missed out on those too, let me tell you a little bit about Quickr.

Launched in July, 2008, Quickr is an online mobile classified portal. It is a digital platform which helps users buy, rent, sell or find something. You can choose to list down your product for free, and interested users across the globe can connect to you and know the details about the product. With presence in over 900 cities across India, Quickr has been widely successful.

With an easy, interactive platform, Quickr has now moved one step ahead to make things easier for its customers. Quickr recently introduced Quickr NXT in its app and desktop/mobile website. Quickr NXT is enhanced with features like easy connectivity chat options between buyers and sellers which will facilitate easy exchange of information, availability of chat history to keep a track of deals done with the sellers, phone number privacy especially helpful for the female users across the country and photo sharing to avoid unnecessary questions about the product.

Watch out the teaser ad of QUICKR NXT here:

Let me discuss with you how these features make life easier for its users. Consider, I have to replace my existing car with a new car. The first step is to sell off my old car and look out for new options. I aim to obtain the best possible price for my old car to cover my expenses. I log on to , select the Cars and Bikes category and list down my product with all the details I wish to share with my users. I connect and chat with the interested users who wish to buy my car. With Quickr NXT, I do not have to worry about attending to unnecessary calls all through the day enquiring about my product. I can choose to chat on the go with the Quickr Mobile app. With the option of chat history available, I can easily keep a track of all the deals I receive and the negotiations involved in the process. In case the users enquire about more details, I can easily share a picture of the feature. This is beneficial for both parties, because as a user, I do not have to share the dame details with every interested user again and again, as I can easily share the picture with details, and as a buyer, I am happier with the pictures as that ensures that the product is of good quality. In addition, this is a huge saving in terms of cost savings and savings of call costs.

So what are you waiting for?? Try out the new features of Quickr NXT today!!

You can watch the latest Quickr NXT ads to know more about its features:

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