Clean Shaven Men! Yes, of course, we love 'em!

To shave or not to shave? It’s a question many men ponder upon, wondering what the ladies like in their man?! Well, as you all know females are complicated beings, they have a way of their own…Some love the messy look of the guys, while others like their men to be clean shaven and smart! I for one am one of those who look for a clean shaven man. Clean shaven and well-dressed men are treat for the eyes!:p

I remember, the first night out at engineering college. All friends were supposed to meet up near the hostel. Being the start of new college, all the friends were still in the “I wanna get to know you” phase. The guys turned up just in time and the ladies were ready to go! As we (the girls) descended the steps to meet our dates for the night, we were thrilled and excited!! The excitement increased down with each step, and what awaited our eyes, simply delighted us to the core. The guys had clean shaven, and were all dressed in black shirts (PS: They looked hawt!). Used to seeing them with their stubbles, this was a nice change for all of us. We were instantly impressed by their looks. The night turned out to be just perfect. Out of the 8 people who went out that night, 4 of them ended up dating each other. That’s what you call striking gold at the perfect opportunity! They made the perfect first impression, and that made a huge difference in the long run for all of us!

This is dedicated to my guy friends, who think not shaving is cool!:p

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