#AbMontuBolega Kyunki Ab Nahi Bolega Toh Kabhi Nahi Bol Payega

Indiblogger in association with Strepsils has launched an online Bloggers Campaign #AbMontuBolega. The campaign aims to increase awareness about prevailing social issues in the country, and help provide a voice, a platform for bloggers to connect with like-minded people who feel the angst for the same issues. This blog post is a dedication for the same! :)

Innumerable times, we come across situations when we know what’s happening around us is totally wrong, may it be corruption, or someone throwing the garbage around the street, or other issues ranging from child abuse to deforestation. We want to do something about these issues and we feel strongly for them, but we don’t stand up against them wondering if our efforts can make any difference at all…But I believe “To bring a change you have to be the change”.

While we do not expect the attitude of the people to change completely overnight, we see an underlying movement, a wave of awareness in citizens, to support such causes and raise their voices against them. Here’s a list of causes I support, and I believe we all should support:

Save Water
We all know water is precious, but how can we support the cause?

Well, start right in the morning...

Try to minimize the wastage of water while you brush your teeth and when you take a bath.

Make sure you close any open taps if you spot any.

Plant Trees
We know deforestation leads to many problems, like soil erosion, global warming, etc. but what can we do about it?! We can’t stop industrialization and prevent deforestation, but we can make sure we contribute our bit by planting several trees in and around our neighborhood.
Pic Courtesy : villageofmonee.com

Swachch Bharat
We see a lot of new initiatives like Swachch Bharat Abhiyan being taken up by the government authorities. Contribute towards a cleaner nation by making sure you and your friends do not throw any garbage around.

Especially at times when you find no bins around, try and keep the waste material to your empty bag corner, and throw it away later.

In case you spot anyone loitering, just ask them politely to pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. Next time, they will be embarrassed to throw garbage around.

Child Labor
Children are the future of the nation. Better educated youth will lead to higher development rate for the country… If you happen to come across a child labor, just report it to the authorities, and they will take care of it.

Contributing today in small ways will make a huge difference tomorrow. Make sure you have done your bit and you will feel proud of yourself.

We at IIM Udaipur contribute our bit through our efforts, special mention of the club Prayatna dedicated towards such social causes.

You can follow the campaign by following Strepsils on Facebook or Twitter

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