My Airbnb Wishlist

Airbnb is a global community which provides a listing of private accommodations around the world with prices in the affordable range to lavish range. The accommodations vary from small rooms to lavish villas. One can discover a lot of new exciting places to stay when planning a visit to a new city. Airbnb gives you a unique experience, and is presen in more than 190 countries and almost 34,000 cities. I myself explored the website to come up with my wish-list of the places I would like to stay in!! If you are planning a trip, Airbnb provides you good options. Even if you're not planning a trip soon, explore this website to find out some exciting places that you can visit...

Let me take you through my wishlist to give you a fair idea of the kind of accommodations available on the website:

1) This one is on the top of my list :

It's a luxury retreat located in one of my favorite cities : Bangalore!! Priced aptly at 35k per night, this luxurious space. It can accommodate around 8 people. I would definitely love to spend a few days of my vacations here with a group of my friends.

Equipped with beautiful bedrooms, and a small private pool, it makes for a perfect party and relaxing home! It has a gazebo floating on the pool with floating walkways and rain-shower experience available!! Along with that, there's an outdoor controlled Jacuzzi for a pampering bath, massage beds, personal massage beds for a spa like personal experience, personal gym for the fitness freaks to keep up and a machaan with floating bed, which overlooks a mountain bed. Peace and luxury exemplified at just the right prices, well what more could I have asked for !!

Check out more about this place here.

2) Next, on my wishlist is this luxury 3 BR villa of Vishal Dadlani, located near Candolim Goa.
GOA : Dream destination for every youngster!! It is the place to be...and if you're staying in this villa, it's definitely be one helluva trip!!

Located within the greenery, it would be fun to spend your evening relaxing on the porch of this villa. With a beautiful pool and a wonderful view, I would love to visit this one with my family friends soon! The beautifully decorated dining area would be perfect to spend the evening enjoying a wine evening with friends!

Check out more about this villa here.

4) On my wishlist of places to visit is Darjeeling, and if I ever do visit this place, I would like to stay in  villa similar to this one here :

Darjeeling is a beautiful town, and I haven't visited East India yet. On my trip, this would be the perfect place to spend the weekend. The resort is located inside Singtom and Steinhal Tea Estates (one of Derjeeling's oldest tea estates). Enjoying a hot cup of tea relaxing in this garden would be amazing!

Check out more about this place here.

4) This luxury holiday farmhouse Firefly is one of my favorites of the wishlist!! Set on a 4 acre hill, located in Alibag in Maharashtra, this would be an amazing holiday retreat! What's more? This is located just 30 minutes from the mesmerizing Kashid beach.

This farmhouse can easily accommodate 10 guests, and has 5 guest bedrooms.

Check out more about this villa here.

5) Kerala is beautiful, and is definitely on my top priority to explore. Here's an accommodation which caught my eye on Airbnb, which had to be featured on this wishlist :

A nice boat house with no-one to disturb. It's a perfect place if you are on a solo/couple/family vacation in Kerala.

Check out more about this accommodation here.

That was all on my list, create one of your own list and do share it with us...:) Resourceful Bites looks forward to know more about places on your wishlist.

This post was written as a part of contest hosted by IndiBlogger and Airbnb.

PS : All the pictures posted here, have been taken from the Airbnb website where these places have been listed.

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