Propose Your Crush This Valentine!!

When the music seems more pleasant, when the weather feels perfect, when the lights seem brighter and when the world seems like a place worth living…It’s the time when you have the feeling of being in love!!

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You’d agree that we all have that one person in our life, who gives us butterfly in the stomach, twinkle in our eyes, blush on the face and a cute little smile on our face…A person with whom spending even hours or days seems like a second!! Love him or hate him, you just can control going weak in the knees every time this person looks at you!! It’s the person who we love or have a crush on!! This person makes us feel special, wonderful and gives a reason to start each day with a smile. His/Her thoughts are consuming and all you can think about is him/her. For some of us, this crush remains in their hearts forever and the other person never knows about our secret love for him/her, while for the bold ones who make a move, there’s light at the other end of the tunnel. Some are lucky enough to find a person who loves them truly and who shares their joys and sorrows!

After days of the secret smile sharing, looking into each other eyes, stalking each other on facebook (that’s the new age!) and secretly saying that I like you too…you face the confession time…a time when you want to express your love for the other person. And what’s more perfect than expressing your love on Valentine’s day!

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Wondering how I would propose my crush if I had to, I come across different ideas and I cannot decide which would be the perfect way to tell him that I like him…because this moment is gonna be special!! A moment we might cherish for years to come…A moment we both will remember forever. Would it be a bold move when I would tell him outright or will it be a secret surprise planned up for him? Personally, I would like it to be a private moment we share and not confess my love in a public place or on public platforms for sure. I’d want something that we remember…and what better than expressing your love through a personalized movie/card. I’d plan a treasure hunt with several clues and different little gifts planted for him with different clue, not forgetting the ultimate clue which will lead him to a love letter from me! :p I hope that will bring a smile on his face!! And the rest will be for us to share…

That’s how I plan to propose my crush on this Valentine’s day…How do you plan to do it?? Do share with us!!

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