Zest in My Life

While I am busy with the endless assignments and reading sessions at college, I have lost touch with blogging. Almost everyday I find myself pondering over the plethora of thoughts and all I want to do is blog about them. I never seem to have enough time to sit down and translate my thoughts to words. Today, while browsing through my emails, I found a mail from BlogAdda listing some exciting contests for bloggers. Even though I find myself running short of time, this one fun topic really excited me and coerced me into writing about it. 

The contest is in association with Tata Motors Zest and Blog Adda,where the bloggers have to blog about 5 things, people or situations that add Zest to their lives. The Zest that makes us move out of the ordinary, raise the bar and unlock exclusive experiences in various forms.

So, I sit down on my desk and start listing down the innumerable things that add Zest in my life. In the end, I finalized with the most important of those 5 things without which my life would be incomplete and flavorless.

1) My Pretty Sis, My Baby Girl : Isha
She is my favorite person in the world. Without her my life is incomplete and is as colorless as a tear. She is my best friend, my partner in crime, my adviser and my source of joy. She adds zest to my life.

Reminiscing about the best moments we have had, I have tears in my eyes. I miss her. With all this busy schedule, I do not find time to talk to her much.

You hear people talking about the special connection with someone. For me, she is that special someone and she will always be. No matter how lonely I feel or how bad a day I have had, just one call from her or even just a text from her brightens my day and uplifts my mood. She has taught me how to really enjoy every moment of my life. For good and for the worse, she has always been there for me, to guide me and support me in whatever I do. She makes me feel that it's okay to not feel okay sometimes.

I miss those nights, where we had to wake up early next morning and rush for work, but we would end up chatting the whole night. We cry, we laugh, we love and we complete each other in ways I cannot explain.

Thank You Ishu for being in my life...Thank you for adding zest to my life!

2) My Best Friend : Shivam Gupta

From being a part of my crazy gossips to being the shoulder to cry on, he is one person who has always been there for me. He is the one that adds zest to my life, and smile to my face.

I can be myself around him. I feel more confident and motivated when he is around. He knows me inside out. And I hate him, for he knows every small reaction I am going to give! He has been my constant companion and my partner while we discovered all the awesome food joints around, not forgetting the insane night outs and endless food events we have done together. 

What more? From writing 19 poems on my 19th birthday (add : One poem given every hour with a flower) to making a scrap book with all our old scribbled notes, he has done everything for me and all he could to make me smile. He is and always be close to my heart.

So, Thank you Mr. Gupta for adding zest to my life and bringing the best in me! You have been an amazing friend and an excellent advisor! 

3) My Parents and Grandparents 
My parents have always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. They are the core of my existence. They have scolded me when I was wrong and held me when I was about to fall. They have always encouraged me to pursue the path I wanted to take in my life. From being my best friends, to the strictest parents in the world, they knew what had to be done and at what moment. They're the perfect parents anyone can ever have! Thank you for adding zest to my life!

From playing with me when I was a kid, to sending me to school on my first day and now woiesrrying about marrying me to the right guy, they have always been worried about me. But in the concern, was their extreme love and care they nurtured me with. Without them, there would be no zest in my life! Thanks to you amma-baba for making me what I am today! I love you!

4) My Besties : Dipika, Madhura and Kshitija
They have been the best girlfriends that ever existed. From partying all night to studying 24 x 7, we have done it all together! They are my source of gossip, and my 2 am friends. They give me hope and something to look forward to in my life. They encourage me to work hard and party harder! They add zest to my life!!

Love you girls!! xoxo

5) Blogging
Blogging is fun. It brings out my creativity and makes me look at things around me with a different aspect. Blogging has changed my life in many ways. I was never a writer, I still am not, but I have improved a lot. I have come a long way from where I was, and all this is because of blogging. It does adds zest to my life!:)

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com

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