Kaju's Pizza..Unlimited Food budget mein!

356, First Floor, Surya Plaza
HomeUniversity Main Road,
Udaipur, Rajasthan

Decor- 6/10
Meal for two- Rs. 300/-
#VFMMeal #Veggie

#Love Scale : 7/10

Feeling Hungry? Don't wanna spend a lot of money but still wanna have a good meal? Well, you are not alone! There are many of us who wish that (and that too many a time)....Comes to the rescue is Kaju's Pizza.

#Ambiance Meter :
It's a small place, with a nice cozy ambiance. With a capacity of around 30 people, this place is a good hang-out place (especially when you are very hungry). They have table-bench furniture, with a few bean bags around 1 table. Choose the bean bags, if you want to enjoy a nice fun conversation with your friends.

#Service Meter:
The service is quick and prompt. The waiters get you hot pizza on the table. However, you might have to wait a little sometimes if the place is crowded.

#Oomph Factor :
The food is good given the price they charge. Although they have 8 variety of salads, only 3-4 of them are actually worth eating! The white pasta salad with mayo and beans salad is my favorite! Next, comes the garlic bread. The garlic bread is totally worth it, and sometimes, I feel it is much better than pizza even. They serve you hot garlic bread and you can have unlimited garlic bread. The pizza is okay, not too good not too bad, but definitely worth eating and apt given the prices they charge. Brownie with ice-cream makes me give them a brownie point!

Rs. 139 for lunch
Rs. 149 for dinner

#Final Verdict :
Do try this place. Definitely worth a visit! Apart from that, if you wish, do try their white pasta, it's quite good.

Check out their website here : kajuzpizza.com
Like them on FB here : Kaju's FB Page

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