What The Black?!#%

The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown. It the the color of darkness, and it creates an air of mystery. Black has been an integral part of our lives in ways we could not even define. Many of us love black. We are allured by its dark, sometimes intense, brooding power. But we can never get over its charm. Many of us wish for our favorite things to be in black, like those black sexy heels, the hot black dress, black business suit or that black MERC that just dazzles our eyes. The list is just endless.

Here, I share my list of black objects I wish for :

1) Black Dress
I wish I for this sizzling dress to be mine. Black is fun Black is sexy. Black is playful and black is the color that simply looks mesmerizing. This dress would look pretty, and is just perfect for the a girls night out!!

2) Black Stilettoes
Of course, you need sexy black heels. It is an essential requirement of every girl. You need to have one pair of high-heeled black stilettos to look dazzling. Black goes with all dresses, and hey, which girl doesn't loves heels, right?

3) Black Nails
Now, I have a black dress and black heels on my list, the next is just an obvious choice, you need those funky yet sexy black nail-paint to go with your dress. It just suits so perfectly!

4) Shiny Black Hair
Now, who doesn't want that, right? I wish for that too!! Long, shiny, healthy black hair. Now, wouldn't my black dress+ black heels+ black nails be just incomplete if I didn't let my hair down?!

5) Black MERC
Okay, so now I am all dazzled up for the girls night-out with the list of things I wanted. Next, the only thins remaining is this black MERC for me to drive around the city. And hell yeah, I love the way this car looks. It'll go perfectly with my black dress!

So, that was my list of dazzling black things on my list, what's on your list? Do share!

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