What is the impact of Social Networking Sites on Children?

A social networking service is a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. With the widespread usage of internet, our younger generations have an easy access to such networking websites. Such websites are widely used and very popular.

Websites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, medium, hi5, tumblr, blogger are most popular among the long list of social networking websites. These websites provide an amazing platform to freely voice ones opinions and discuss and share ideas with like minded people, and hence have become an important part of each youngsters life. The facebook groups are utilized by students to share study material and update each other about lecture schedules and important events. Posting regularly on a blog (another kind of social networking) improves ones language and communication skills and can also be used to share study material. Regular tweeters update you of latest news in few tweets. Youngsters have even found love online through social networking websites. The reach and effect of social networking cannot be underestimated.

Even though these websites have been used in many positive and creative ways, the extensive use of these websites has its downfalls which are immeasurably more severe than they appear to be. The children these days are obsessed on sharing even minute details of their life on social networking websites. They are absorbed in their phones and computers, busy sharing their information with their network of friends. Unknowingly, they expose themselves to great dangers from online attacks. They are vulnerable and left unprotected when they share too much personal information about themselves. In addition, such websites have made them more attached to the online world, and they have started losing touch with the real world. Most conversations now happen online, rather than on phone or face to face. This has restricted the outdoor activities and made them lethargic, also affecting their health.

Everything in this world has a positive and negative aspect to it. Its depends on the individual to utilize it for the good or the bad. Social Networking websites have positive as well as negative impact on the youngsters. The responsibility lies equally with the adults as well as the youngsters to utilize these networking websites to their advantage, and not get obsessed with the technology.

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