Hyderabadi Food Festival @Zambar

Phoenix Market City
Viman Nagar, Pune

#Cost for 2 : approx 1000/-
#Decor : 8/10

#Ambiance : 
The area divided is divided into two parts. One is boat shaped, with a roof and walls surrounded like that of a boat, while the outside area is similar to any other regular restaurant. The furniture is elegant, and the decor is suitable for a nice quiet dinner.

#Hyderabadi Food Festival :
From the historic kitchens of the city of Hyderabad, Zambar presents Pune with a selection of dishes to suit your palate. From delicious kebabs and curries to bread and biryanis, with their food, they strive to make you feel like a true Nawab.

The food bloggers team of food-adda were invited for a sneak peak of the menu.

#Hyderabadi Food Menu :
Among the veg starters, we had Aloo ke Garlay (potatpes flash fried in a savoury batter). They were delightful! We asked for repeats twice, so a must try! And good job Chef, for you made even a simple dish so lovely!

The non-vegetarian starters included shikampuri kebabs (pan fried mincon mutton kebabs) and Chicken Tikka ( boneless chicken cubes marinated, slow cooked and stir fried). The foodies tell us, they were enjoyable.

For the main course, we had only one vegetarian dish and 3 non-vegetarian dishes. The veggies were served Mircha ka Salan. It was fantastic and the paranthas were lip-smacking (yumm...soo well cooked).

Photo Credits : Shivam Gupta (khaanapeenajeena.blogspot.in) . 

Next, they tried the Achari Murgh (Chicken cooked in 'pickle' style). It was pretty average.

The Nawabi Kofta Curry (The Hyderabadi version of the popular minced meat ball curry) tasted good. The preparations used some exquisite spices, which made it taste even better.

The Machali Ka Salan ( a popular Hyderabadi fish Curry) was liked by all.

The next exploration of the Hyderabadi food continued with the famous Hyderabadi biryanis. The veg biryani was just average, nothing out of the blue. The mutton and chicken biryani had very different preparation and the chicken biryani was liked much more than the mutton biryani.

Next, we moved on to the final course of the meal, The Desserts. We had two desserts in our menu.

One was The double ka meetha, which is similar to shaahi tukda. It had just the right amount of sweetness, which I liked a lot.

Last was Qubani Ka Meetha. It is said All is well that ends well. This dessert made a grand closing to the whole dinner. It was mouthwatering. This one took my heart away.

Overall, a nice meal with chit-chat over food with my fellow food blogger friends.!

#Speciality of the Evening :
Meeting the Cuisine and Brand Head of Zambar, Mr. Arun Kumar was the most interesting part of the evening. A renowned film critic and a film producer-director turned chef to keep his exploration and experimentation going. WOW! We all were inspired from his story. Have planned to take his interview for the blog, keep watching this space to read his interesting story...

#Music :
The music needs to be improved. The ambiance feels dull because of the music, which gives a negative feel to the place.

#Final Verdict :
Check out the new menu! Hope to see some improvements inculcated! 

#Special Thanks :
Thank you Shivam Gupta for sharing the pictures.

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