An evening with Tastykhana

We were invited by the founder of Tasty Khana for dinner at Malaka Spice. We adored the lovely ambiance of Malaka from outside while we waited for the rest of the team members to come and join us. Neha from their digital marketing team quickly introduced us to the concept of TastyKhana and handed over a small information document about Tasty-Khana. As the food-adda team arrived, we proceeded to meet the TastyKhana team.

The co-founder Shachin Bharadwaj and his team members were waiting for us inside. We were greeted warmly, and the conversations began. We all instantly connected to each other over our love and appreciation for good food. Each of the bloggers introduced their blogs, and shared their stories as to how their blogs began and how they find time from their busy schedules to blog about their experiences. We then discussed our experiences with tasty-khana, the positives and the negatives.

We all appreciated the initiative, and each one of us contributed our thoughts towards the praise for tasty-khana. Not everything is perfect, and so is the case with tasty-khana. Some of us had faced a few problems with tasty-khana, and we didnt hesitate in sharing our feedback for the same.

One of the problems people face is that Tasty-khana is not reachable in far-off areas of Pune. The Puneites living on the outskirts only wish that tasty-khana delivered at their door-step too. Our queries were resolved, and they told us that they are trying to cover as many areas as possible and as many feasible to them.

Another issue that bothered us, was that if one of the restaurants is closed down or service is not available, the customer is informed after a duration of 15-20 minutes.This causes the customer to get angry and irritated. The solution to this is full-automation for the restaurants to update their status timely. This requires considerable use of technology, and its not easy to get the traditional restaurants to use that technology on a regular basis. The team is trying to automate the whole process and make the experience worthwhile for each of its users.There were a few minor issues and queries, which were happily solved by the tasty-khana team.

For me, the best part of the evening was personally knowing the inspiring story of the tasty-khana co-founder Shachin Bharadwaj. Even after failing so many times, he had the faith and determination to make it work and his vision was clear to him. He had not failed, but failed forward towards success. With traditional Indian parents, he faced the same problems as many of the youngsters face while working on their start-ups but his parents love and support encouraged him to work hard to achieve his goal and today we all adore him and look up to him. You can read the whole story of tastykhana here.

Our conversations were complimented by the food at Malaka. For starters, we had the Bell Pepper Tofu and Baby Potatoes with herbs and chillis (tasted good), accompanied by watermelon martinis. In mains, we ordered the Thai Curry and rice(loved it!) and mix-vegetable(nothing worth mentioning) and kanans. The meal concluded with Apple Crumble(okayish) and Chocolate Brownie (yummm!).

All in all a wonderful evening with wonderful people. Wishing the tasty-khana team, best of luck for their future endeavours! Hope you reach heights beyond imagination!

PS : Watch out for their amazing offers during festive seasons. You can avail great discounts!!

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