Shoe Fetish

I have been meaning to write posts about other topics, except food, but I wasn't able to find something as interesting as food. Here, comes my first post for the beauty and fashion section of my blog.

Like any other girl, I am also a shoe lover. My eyes light up with excitement even at the sight of beautiful shoes and for me Steve Madden, Tresmode, Catwalk showrooms are like candyland is for little children. Its like a living dream when you stand in one of the showrooms, and the excitement shifts to another level when you own one of those pretty stilletoes or smart wedges. This is about one of my latest buys from Tresmode. I have been eyeing these wedges since the time I first saw them. Finally I had collected enough money to buy myself these pair of shoes. They cost almost 3000 rupees, but are worth every penny I have spent on them. You can also buy them here on the Tresmode website.

About the shoes ...These designer peep-toes are smart and very comfortable. Due to their light color, they don't go with all the dresses, but if you pair them right, they make you feel like a princess. The model for the shoes is CTROPE and it comes in black as well as Pink. I prefer pink color, as black is very common (also, I already have a lot of black sandals). The price for the shoes is totally worth it!! Just take care to use them carefully as the fabric used for the shoes is delicate, and may come off if they are used roughly.

This is as far as my comments go on these lovely shoes....If you have any queries or comments regarding the same, you can post it in the comments section here!! 

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