Zanzibar...The Official Meet-up place

The Central Park
Bund Garden Road

Buzz-4/10                  Night out for two- Rs. 1500                                         Decor-9

#Love Scale : 4 on 10

#Ambiance Meter :

Mysterious lighting, relaxed lit up interiors (sheer pleasure to the eyes! ) A small room with plain but elegant furniture during the day, while an ideal place to have some cocktails and drinks with your friends (while you watch the match) during the night.

Impressed by the pictures on zomato and burrp! We chose to visit this place on a girls night out…On reaching there, we realized that it was more of a place, where we would come for corporate meetings with the boss or the classy old guys would come to watch cricket matches (which they couldn't do at home, with their nagging wives! :p ).

To be honest, it was a disappointment, as we had a different image of the restaurant while we browsed through the pictures online. We were hoping for a place with young people buzzing in, with a party atmosphere. It was a complete opposite of it (hence, the disappointment!) . It was a rather quiet place, with us being the first to reach . Even the bartender was not there by that time! We sat there for a while, enjoying the dรฉcor of the place, which really impressed us (It was like love at first sight! A treat for the eyes indeed!)

There were two LCD TV’s , adorning each of the walls present in the bar. Nice bar stools, generous and beautifully done couches, lit up tables, with just the perfect amount of light to relax you. Beautifully decorated with curtains, you definitely gonna love the ambiance of Zanzibar!

If you’re looking for a quite evening with your loved one or you are just a group of friends looking for a quiet place to chill out , head to the glamorous yet elegant Zanzibar (just off its gleaming lobby) ! On a game night, tune in to a LCD and plonk yourself on a bar stool or settle in a comfortable king-sized sofa chair of Zanzibar..:)

 #Thirst Quenching Factor :
With limited offers during the happy hours, this place might be a lil heavy on the pocket, if you are on a budget. They have an offer of 2+1 on beer, one on one on whisky and vodka, and few others likewise.

#Music :
The music is soft and relaxing. Even on request, they do not change the kind of music playing (which might be a good thing for few people…).

#Buzz :
The bar is not usually too crowded. It is mostly the people staying at the hotel or one or two groups who are the regulars.

#Service Meter :
The staff is friendly and courteous. Although, the waiter took some time (more than the usual! ) to get our drinks, I have no complaints about the service.

#Oomph Factor :
Nibble on the complimentary peanuts and papad or choose an Indian starter of your choice. Rest, we didn’t try much of the food, so cannot comment on that!

#Final Verdict : 

Overall, a nice experience, but not worth a second visit due to the absence of buzz!! #Cheers

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