Since, this is my post before i start reviewing the places, I'd list the categories on which I would be rating the place :

#Love Scale  : Points given based on the overall experience.

#Ambiance Meter : On the scale of 10 ...
10 -It's grand, pleasing and divine
 9 - It's graceful and charming
 8 - It's fascinating
 7 - It's appealing
 6 - It's nice
 5 - It's average
 4 - It's plain.
 3 - It's unappealing
 2 - It's terrible
 1 - It's hideous

#Service Meter : Depending on the service and the helpfulness of the waiters.

#Oomph Factor : Innovation of the recipe, ingredients used and the presentation of the food.

 # Appetite Satisfying Factor : Taste and nothing else.
# Music : This factor applies to the pubs and clubs, and not to the restaurants.

#My Recommendation : Would mention the dish definitely worth trying, if it applies!

#Final Verdict : Does the place deserves to be visited again or not...Yes or No! :)


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