Unwind at IIMU

As the atrocity of the mid-term exams came to an end, excitement was brewing up in the campus because “Unwind” was here!! You could visibly see a drastic change in the atmosphere at IIMU. People who were running from room to room in the hostel, dejectedly a day earlier worrying about the exam were now running excitedly around the campus for preparation of Unwind.

What is UNWIND, you ask?
Unwind, is an event organized by CulComm (in association with IRIS, Lakesiders, Rangmanch, Footworx, Octaves, pwnd) to unite IIMU students by giving them a platform to fight for their section, display their talents and discover themselves stretching beyond the boundaries to take their respective section towards victory.

Soon, the time for the declaration of war arrived. IIMU Junta assembled in CR3, and one could clearly see the divide between the sections with each one occupying one side of the classroom and cheering for their section. As the details unfolded, each one chalked up a plan in their mind as to how to prove that their section is the best. As the meeting came to an end, junta was super-charged and excited to prepare for the first event which was to begin in another 70 minutes.

ABOUT THE EVENT: Each section was assigned 10 minutes to strategically occupy the area in the arena to place their posters. 

WHAT HAPPENED: In a team of 5, students of each section assembled to cheer their team and guide them. The event turned out to be sensational and stimulating with each team succeeding in occupying the areas which they found appropriate for their marketing strategy. Running from one place to another, with a few even climbing the roof to occupy the place of their choice, the event turned out to be a huge success. Electrifying slogans from each team cheered the participants and added to the charm and enthusiasm of the event.


ABOUT THE EVENT: Each team is assigned 20 minutes to give a preview of their team, their talents and to launch themselves. With seniors and the other section crowd, performing team had to gauge the mood of the audience and perform to impress and capture hearts.

 Rediscover the Bhokaliness in you

WHAT HAPPENED: The grand “Unveiling Act” was the act where both the sections were given 20 minutes to “unveil” their section by displaying their talents through all possible means including dance performances, group slogans, section theme and section t-shirts. There was a fantastic show put up by both the sections in a span of few hours. Both teams tried to deliver the best trying to impress the audience. For section A, they performed a dance and a small drama act to portray their theme while for section B, there were some unique dance and drama performances enhanced by performances from skilled football players and acrobatic skills, and finally unveiling the group theme of “BHOKAL”(which means excellence in a certain field) with a structure lit with LEDs and a few fireworks.

As the first day of Unwind came to an end, a lot of equations around the campus changed for the better. A few hours of work together, and our outlook for each other and for our team underwent a huge transformation. We discovered how talented our colleagues are, how to work well in a team, how to manage a team of over 60 people, how to work in sync and manage the varying needs and demands of each individual always trying to maximize the output from each one of them, how to match the job skills with required skills of an individual motivating them to perform their best and much more than that, it is a journey we have embarked upon. An experience worth every moment it exists. With hope in heart, we begin this wonderful journey.

Watch this space to follow us through this journey. Discover how it changes us and how through a few fun events, we learn more managerial concepts than we could even imagine!

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