Emotion is a significantly powerful force for business. A brand is not a logo, website or just business cards,it’s an experience. A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in the relevant way.

Humans are emotional creatures and they connect at deeper levels. In a buying situation, most customers un-subconsciously act emotionally and prefer brands that they connected with. Emotional branding exploits this fact, and tries to create a feeling of bonding, companionship and a sense of connection between the brand and the customer. It creates a personality for the brand. Emotional branding precisely aims at connecting to consumer’s needs and aspirations by triggering an emotional response. This helps create a strong bonding between the brand and the consumer, and can drive customer loyalty to new highs.

Connecting to customers on the emotional level begins with the brand defining its core values. The brand need not define the technical aspects; instead they define what ideals company represents and stands for. Next, the businesses need to clearly recognize what kind of customers they are engaging with and what feature is it that they want the customers to relate to on the personal level. Once a clear idea is achieved, and the essential attributes are defined, one can move towards deciding the strategy to implement the given requirements. However, one should be careful in the difference between the concept of marketing and emotional branding. Emotional branding goes much beyond marketing, in the sense that marketing evokes the human emotions and help them connect, but emotional branding makes sure the employees stand up to the brand’s identities and attributes and help the customers connect.

Consider the banking sector as an example. Banks have tried to connect to the customers through their advertisements and create a sense of security and bonding between the bank and its customers. Taking the example of ICICI bank, and observing its advertisements over the years representing different products, we realize that they have exploited the small-small intricacies of everyday life to connect to its customers. Take the example of the advertisement of ICICI Life Insurance, with the tagline “Bande Achche Hain…Jo zimmedari nibhate hain, jatate nahi”. It shows small instances where people do good for each other in daily life, without ever mentioning it. I believe, each one of us could connect to the ad as we all have that sense of goodness in our hearts. We care for people we love, and we sacrifice without ever needing credit for the same. ICICI bank evokes the emotion that each one of us wishes our loved ones be always protected and hence, we should choose ICICI bank insurance to ensure that always happens. Various other ads from ICICI bank which exploit the basic human need of emotional connect include, “Choti Choti baatein choti nahin hoti”, “Achcha Lagta hai jab humme koi vishwaas jagata hai”, “Har kadam pe hum apke sath hain”, “Ap 60 ke ho ya 70 ke, apka kal aj se behtar hona chahiye”, “Hum Hain Na” and many more similar ads who all together try to convey that ICICI bank cares for people and understands their needs. It shows the human side of the bank. It tries to convey bank as an entity with a heart and soul who is here to connect with you and protect you from the negative realities by being by your side. Humanization bridges the gap between the customers and the banks on the emotional level. Hence, we see that emotional branding creates a long-lasting impact and is a very powerful tool to connect businesses with customers if used in the right way.

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