A healthy child makes for a happy home

Children have their own special ways to add joy to every day. They are naughty yet cute, resilient yet confused, simple yet so complicated. They add color and happiness in our daily moribund lives! I, being the eldest one among all my cousins in the family, have seen many of my cousins grow up. From the first moment I took them in my arms as a kid, to the time they started going to school, and became old enough to tell me I have become old fashioned, they have always served as the source of energy for me! They have been a source of inspiration.

Growing up in a joint family, I was always blessed to have company of my cousin brothers and sisters to play with. My little cousins Arushi, Anant, Akshet, Arnav, Luv, Shivam and Siddharth are like my lifeline. With them around, the whole house comes to life. Their company is a sheer delight and their presence makes life much more exciting. The energy level around the house rises with their presence.

The worst times around the house are when any one of them falls sick. The whole house seems lifeless and life comes nearly to a halt. There is worry around the house and the smiles on everyone’s face fades away until their health is restored. 

With the fast pace of life and use of modern living methods, the exposure of children to ill effects has increased alarmingly. Increase in pollution exposes them to harmful air borne diseases. Excessive use of pesticides and chemicals in food, and junk food eating habits increases their chance of falling ill. There are similar other harmful habits that children these days are exposed to. What then, can be done to make sure that the kiddos of the house are protected and lead a healthy and happy life…

A simple suggestion would be to change the bad eating habits of the children, and train them to adopt healthy habits. But even with this, we cannot guarantee that they will not be exposed to other factors which can affect their health negatively. The best option out is to develop a strong defense mechanism in the body, which can easily fight off diseases. The easiest option to achieve this goal is feeding them herbs like amla, giloy, etc. on a regular basis to help them build a strong internal defense mechanism to fight off diseases. This option may not look so attractive to the busy moms. Dabur Chyawanprash comes as the rescuer for all! It contains a number of herbs and is one of the best known antioxidants. Built with natural ingredients, it helps strengthen body’s internal defense mechanism. It is proven to have immunomodulatory and anti-allergic potential. In addition, it also contains herbs that help strengthen body’s natural defense mechanism by stimulating the natural killer cells. These natural killer cells assist in fighting off virus and bacteria in the body, hence, giving increased immunity from infections. So, what are you waiting for…Check out more about dabur chyawanprash here and protect you kids today!

This post is written as an entry of blog competition by Dabur and Indiblogger for Indi-Happy Hours Campaign " A Healthy Child makes a Happy Home". 

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