JW Secret Recipes

Have you ever wished to cook that special dish you liked at the 5 star restaurant the previous night? Or to try and create the same magic at home and with your own hands? J.W. Group of Hotels understood this need of the common people to learn more about the exquisite food they had at top-notch restaurants and finally they came up with this amazing solution. J.W. Marriott along with it's head chef Ajmal Salim launches the J.W. Secret Recipes book.

We as food bloggers were invited for a special sneak-peek into the book and a special afternoon at the JW Marriott hotel with Chef Ajmal Salim. Chef Ajmal Salim is the head chef of all J.W. hotels and sees the operations for food in all J.W. hotels personally.

The program started with a brief introduction and pleasantries exchange between the bloggers, the Chef and the main team behind the book. The best part of the afternoon came next, when Chef Ajmal demonstrated 3 of his secret recipes for us. The recipes he demonstrated were Summer Fruits and Seasonal Vegetables Salad, Kozhi Porichathu Fried Chicken Drumsticks and the Chiffon Cake with Mango. The salad demonstrated was easy to make with a hint of secret ingredients, which set it apart from the usual stuff. The chiffon cake was easy to make and without the mangoes can be easily used as a tea cake. Each one of us had the pleasure to get a personally signed copy of J.W. Secret Recipes and get a picture clicked with the world-famous Chef Ajmal. The program concluded with lunch at Spice Kitchen, J.W. Marriott where we also got the chance to try the recipes demonstrated by Chef Ajmal.

About the Book :
The book gives you an insight on how to make your dish special with the use of a few ingredients or by making it just the right way. It also insists that presentation is also of equal importance while presenting the dish. As someone rightly said, eyes feast on the food first, and then comes the stomach.

At the start of the book, Chef Ajmal shares a few rules which teach you how to Cook like a Chef. You will find that Chef Ajmal dedicates his success to his team, hence, the book contains recipes not only by Chef Ajmal, but also by the Chefs in his team. The book contain a fair share of veg and non-veg recipes.

Get your own copy today, and learn how to make an ordinary dish special by making it the right way and with proper ingredients.

Bon Appetit!

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