IPL Season is back!

Its the IPL season yet again. The frenzy is back! The energy, the passion, the madness for cricket just keeps increasing! Cricket is more like a religion than a game. It's more like a part and parcel, an important activity of each Indian's life.

I believe we would all agree, that we have had our frenzy cricket fan moments. Moment when we just would give up anything to watch that India vs Pakistan match. The moment when we would be glued to our TV screens just to know who's gonna win the match. The moment of splendid pride, when we would jump up from our seat when our fav player hits a sixer and the moment when our hearts would skip a beat on a pending decision of OUT and NOT OUT!

We all have done crazy things and have had our stupid silly reasons to watch that match. From bunking classes to calling in sick, all stupid reasons to watch a match. As we moved on with our lives, cricket evolved into a much different state. No more 50 over matches. The ODI and test matches fun was taken over by the IPL T20 matches. As times changed, our love for cricket evolved to a much deeper mental state. 

Here are a few of my excuses and memories related to watching Cricket...

While we were kids, me and my brother would go out in the evenings to play cricket with our friends. We would deliberately fall on the ground running to catch the ball, and hurt ourselves in the knee. This would ensure a holiday the next day from school, and hence, we would get to watch the match without any interruptions.

As we grew up, me and my brother moved to different cities for our higher studies. We would call up each other and regularly text each other the scores. While I bunked my classes and watched one half of the match,he bunked his college to watch the other half. We would regularly text each other the scores and keep each other updated. To add to the fun, we added funny commentaries of our own to the texts, which increased the fun and excitement of those updates!:)

Now, that we are all grown up and working, we have office, and we cant make any excuses to skip office. So, here's a rescuer to our problems, www.starsports.com. Star Sports had changed the way we follow the game. The scoreboard gets a faster update, there are quick videos which show the key moments of the match in real time called the zip clips, there are informative entertaining graphics which keep us entertained yet informed and then there is action recap to catch up with the match quickly but the best and revolutionizing feature of star sports is deferred live option. There's a free video stream of the match available at your phone, ipad, desktop only with a 5 minutes delay. Now, there are no worries about missing the match at any point of time, thanks to starsports.com.

Keep watching and keep enjoying the match!

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