Myra Wine Launches New Wine in Maharashtra

Today, India has an evolved wine drinking audience and Indians are experimenting with their wines and do not look for special occasions to raise a toast. With the famous Italian and France wines, India is slowly catching up in this section with home brands like Grover Zampa Wines, Sula Vineyards, Myra Vineyards and many more. This is a refreshing change for all Indian Wine drinkers, as the wines are developed especially for their taste.

Good news from Myra Vineyards for all the oenophiles out there : you have more variety coming your way as Myra Vineyards introduces new wines.

About Myra Vineyards :
The Myra wines are especially aimed at the Indian Wine Drinking Audience (which is slowly but steadily increasing in number).

Myra Vineyards founded by ex-banker, Mr. Ajay Shetty, is headquartered in Bangalore. The brand has been established through its philosophy of offering the best products aimed at delivering rewarding experiences. At present, Myra Vineyards has its presence in Maharashtra (Mumbai and Pune) and Karnataka and is soon planning to expand across the country in the coming months. Mr. Ajay Shetty, MD, Myra Vineyards speaks about Myra, "Myra Wines are targeted towards the ones who understand high quality. Our philosophy is to bottle excellence for the discerning Indian Wine Drinker."

Myra Vineyards is self-promoted and professionally managed by one of the best wine aficionado sommelier and vigneron of the Indian Wine Industry, Mr. Nikhil Agarwal.

Wine Dinner at Terttulia :
On a fun wine dinner at Terttulia , press and a few bloggers were invited to try out the food and wine pairings and witness the

launch of the new reserve of Myra. I was privileged to be invited to this lovely event. It was a fun night meeting honorable people from the journalism industry and the sommeliers,. The night was made even more beautiful with the continuous flow of the special Myra Wines.

The evening began with tasting of the Chenin Blanc paired with the Cheese and Feta Salad. The wine was softly textured and had an elegant taste. As we introduced ourselves to each other, the second wine was served. It was the Sauvignon Blanc. Being one of my personal favorites, I enjoyed the wine to its fullest. Although I was a little disappointed by the taste, but nevertheless, it paired well with food. Next, we moved on to the main course with The Myra Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon paired with the Three Mushroom Rissoto. The Rissoto was yummy, and went just perfectly well with the wines. The Myra Shiraz was powerfully flavored and full-bodied wine. The taste was flattering yet elusive. The final wine of the evening was the Cabernet Sauvignon. It was served with the special 5-layer chocolate cake (a speciality of Terttulia). It tasted sweet and had a lovely aroma and went perfectly well with the dessert it was served with.
The evening continued with conversations and debates over wine and food. At the end, each one of us had the pleasure to carry our personal share of the Myra Reserve. It was beautifully packed and had a lock to the box, whose key was provided to each one of us in the invitation cards (which was a lovely concept...given that we all were wondering what the key was for!). 

About the Myra Reserve : The new Myra Reserve is a carefully made wine that has a taste to suit all palates. Wine lovers should definitely give this one a try!

You can check out more updates on their Facebook Page or follow them on twitter @MyraVineyards
Au Revoir! 

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