Live Cooking, Wine to celebrate and lovely people @ Palate Culinary Studio

While in Mumbai for a weekend trip, I received an invite by Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) and my dear friend Sameer Malkhani for an event in Bandra at the Palate Culinary Studio in association with Aspri Wines and Alpen-Koch Raclette Grill

What's Palate Studio you ask....Let me brief you about them...
Palate Culinary Studio is a one stop shop to fulfill all your culinary adventures. Chef Rakhee Vaswani, a cookery expert brings the most amazing recipes (delish as well as made with ingredients easily available) from all around the world, to your kitchen.

They have a variety of workshops available teaching you about cuisines like Indian, Continental, Mediterranean, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, South East Asian and the list goes on...They also have classes for some yummy desserts. The classes are conducted on a regular basis and in a group of 6-10 people in one batch. You get to learn how to cook in a fun and interactive manner, and get to savor each dishes later on after the class.

About the Event...
The brunch started with a brief introduction about Palate Culinary Studio and the chef Rakhee Vaswani followed by the introduction by the food-bloggers present for the event.

The chef Rakhee was kind enough to prepare the dips and keep the ingredients ready. 

Everyone was very excited for the live cooking session! We all divided ourselves in a group of 4-5 and took one grill among each group. The chef guided us on how to use the Raclette Grill, given that many of us were using it for the first time. We chose our ingredients from the assorted vegetables, meats and sausages and started the grill with Chef Rakhee overseeing the preparations and guiding us through the process.We melted our favorite cheese along with the barbecued veggies and mushrooms, which made the meal even better. 

The brunch was accompanied by wines from Aspri Wines. We had an option to choose from one of the two South African Wines, one was the Nederbura Shiraz and other was Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc. I loved the sparkling wine, and it tasted just perfect with the barbecued veggies.

Finally, we were served some out of the world desserts and fresh macaroons by Chef Rakhee. The Tiramisu was just heavenly and the best I have ever had...!! #Awestruck #InLove 

About Raclette Grill :
Aplen Koch has introduced its new range of Raclette grill, which works on electricity and helps you have a hassle-free barbecue right inside your house.The Raclette grill comes in the two sizes, i.e. the small and the big one. The small one costs around 5000-6000 and is ideal to have when you are having a few friends over for dinner. 

Overall, all of us had a great time! Learning to cook with the Raclette Grill, having amazing wines to accompany it and side by side interacting with the fellow foodies, just made it even better! Thanks to FBAI and Palate Culinary Studio for hosting a wonderful event!

PS : Each one of us got to take away a yummylicious Plum Cake, which was very beautifully wrapped (Oh, the Christmas Spirit!)

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