I always look for new recipes to try out at homes, and this is one of the most amazing ones!

Have guests at home? Dont want to make the old and boring coffee or tea? Wanna impres your guests with you cooking skills? Try out making a Mojito (non-alcoholic)...easy to make, simple yet tasty and looks more elegant and classy than any other drink you can offer.

Ingredients (for a glass) :
1 lemon
1 spoon sugar
a pinch of salt
Few mint leaves
Sprite or soda

How to make :
1) Spread a little lemo juice on the top of the glass, and apply sugar on it, to give a beautiful look to the glass.
2) Put a little sugar in the glass, and a pinch of salt alongwith it.
3) Add lemon juice in the glass.
4) Crush a few mint leaves, and put them in the glass.
5) Add sprite or soda.
6) Cut a lemon into a quarter, an put it on the glass, to give it a proper mocktail look!

Voila! Your drink is ready! Serve it to your guests and I can assure you, they're going t love it!!

Best part is, it is non-alcoholic, and a refreshing drink. Suits all, and loved by all.

Hope you enjoy it, and your guests like it too!! Do share your feedback! :)

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