Desh Da Swaad with Celebity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi at Ramada, Udaipur

Dealing with the hectic schedules of IIMU, I sometimes find for an escape through exploration of new food avenues. There I was, wondering which food-joint to try next, when I get an unexpected call from Ms. Dolly Taldar from Ramada Spa and Resorts. Although Ramada Resorts & Spa had been associated with IIMU for a long time being the hospitality partners for many of the events including Solaris- The Maiden Management fest of IIMU, we never had the luck to go and explore the food specialty of Ramada.

Wondering, what it’s all about??

Well, it was an invitation to meet & greet the famous celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi!! And of course, I was excited!! I instantly say yes, and start preparing for my next foodie adventure!! What could be more thrilling than to witness the live TV show, the very famous Desh Da Swaad and get an opportunity to have a tรชte-ร -tรชte with the celebrity chef himself!!
For those of my friends & readers, who find themselves out of touch with the foodie world…Here’s a little brief about the Chef and his celebrated TV show!

Who is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi?
Harpal Singh Sokhi is a multi-talented celebrity chef in India. As a Chef, he has been a part of many well-known TV shows like Khaana Khazana, Sony Kitchen Khiladi, Sirf 30 Minutes, Maa ki Dal, Desh da Swad and Turban Tadka, has launched a line of his food products which include products like Sabrini Punjabi Samosa, Sabrini Wrap Bollywood Potato, Raji Shahi Paneer Masala, Raji Chana Masala, etc., owns renowned restaurants like The Treasury, Twist of Tadka and Bibi Jaan, is director of Turban Tadka Hospitality and is also into restaurant consulting. You can know more about him on his website here.

What is Desh Da Swad all about?
Desh Da Swad, is Zee News’ maiden food and travel roadshow where Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi travels around the country and shares some of the best recipes from across the different regions of the world. The first season of the show covered 13 cities of North India including Amritsar, Srinagar and Lucknow. The show is aired on Food Food Channel, and will be starting with the Season 2 in November, 2015.

About Ramada Resorts & Spa, Udaipur
Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa is a multi-tiered 72 rooms and suites resort spread over 6.6 acres of undulated land, varying in height by approximately 40 meters from the lowest point to the highest, creating spectacular views, and with its array of gardens, has a tranquil, salubrious setting built with traditional stonework. The hallmark concept design of this resort is its central courtyard featuring a large swimming pool around which all the four types of guest rooms and restaurants are located.
Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa is a dream wedding destination and also a leading family resort destination. It offers you activities from indoor games to outdoor sports, including the presence of a Kid's club, Cycling ativities, Aqua-Sports, Yoga and Swimmig lessons, Archery, Cooking Sessions with the Executive Chef and Cocktail and Mocktail Making Sessions. Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa also offers best luxury spa facilities in Udaipur, Rajasthan along with the well-equipped fitness centre, outdoor pool and entertainment section. Variety of rejuvenating spa treatments are provided at this luxury spa resort in Udaipur, which ensure that your holiday is relaxing, rejuvenating and complete in all ways possible!

My Culinary Experience with Chef Harpal Sigh Sokhi at Ramada Resorts & Spa, Udaipur
As me and my friend Himanshu reached Ramada Resorts, we instantly spotted Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi getting ready for his show. There was also this beautiful tangerine-colored van pulled over near the main entrance. The van’s windows were open and it was equipped with state-of-art modular kitchen, with TATA masalas and dals and lots of kitchen utensils spread around.
We were greeted by Ms. Dolly Taldar, the Resort Manager for Ramada Resorts & Spa, Udaipur. We were excited but a little hesitant to go and meet the Chef directly. Ms. Dolly quickly sensed our reluctance, and introduced us to Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi. He was happy to see us, and welcomed us with a huge smile. He is a happy-go-lucky person, and that essence of happiness clearly reflects in the food he cooks.

We waited in the audience while he underwent the final preparations for the show, and checked if whether or not all the ingredients and utensils were in their place to start the shooting of the show. While we waited, Ms. Dolly introduced us to the head Executive Chef of Ramada.

Soon, the crew had finished the setting up of the show elements, and the show was ready to begin. As we all seated down, the Chef introduced himself to everyone, welcomed them to the show and shared his inspiration of the recipe.

As we watched Chef Harpal prepare his recipe, the Chef suddenly invited me to join him in helping him cook. I was thrilled!! It was an exciting opportunity and the next thing I know I was inside the van helping him cook his recipe (If you want to know the recipe, wait till the second season of the show is aired!!). After some interaction, we together started preparing the recipe of the Udaipur special Dal Vada. While he did the final preparations of the vada mixture, the Chef thanked me for joining the show. I was exhilarated when he also gifted me the TATA gift hamper basket of high-quality TATA dals and TATA masalas. He quickly finished the recipe, and we all had the opportunity to get a taste of his recipe, and needless to say, it was simply delicious, and we couldn’t wait to go back home and try it out ourselves!! After the completion of the show, the crowd gathered around him to click pictures and selfies!!

It was an amazing experience. Himanshu and I later joined him for a one-on-one interview, the details of which I will share soon in my upcoming posts! Later, we were also invited by the Executive Chef of Ramada, to dine and interact with him (review of which is also coming up soon! Keep watching this space for more!).

We were overjoyed with the high-class hospitality and the amazing culinary experience Ramada and Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi offered to us!! We heartily thank Ms. Dolly for giving us this amazing opportunity!!
Au Revoir!

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