Progressing Ahead with 4G

What would your reaction be, if I say I can give you an idea to get faster speed of internet at no additional cost than what you are receiving with your 3G services? Well, Airtel has done exactly what we all would have wished for?? Airtel is the first service provider who will be coming up with its 4G services for all its users.

Most of you will not be aware about what 4G exactly is. Well, the ‘G’ in 4G states that it is the fourth generation of technology being used in these mobile devices. With each generation of devices, comes new additional capabilities and new set of challenges. Although the usage of 3G has increased, many of us are still using the 2G technologies in our phone. Not being pessimistic though, it is fabulous that Airtel has taken the novel step of bringing 4G to us, in the prices of 3G and complementing it with services like get a free 4G SIM simply by ordering from their website, or better, just tweet to them with #GetAirte4G and you could get the 4G SIM delivered at your doorstep. Airtel has launched this service in 296 cities as of now. You can visit their website or tweet to them to find out if whether or not your city is one of them which has these services available.

Analysis of this Product Launch: Trying to implement my Product Strategy and Management Study’s class concepts, I realize that even though Airtel has a first mover advantage here and will be known as the Thought Leader when everyone speaks about 4G technology launch, they are demanding a huge behavior change from the customers. Let me explain my point further. The 4G technology can only be used in phones which support the 4G technology. Our existing mobile devices only support 2G and 3G, and to actually derive the benefits of this 4G service launched by Airtel, you will have to buy a new mobile device for yourself, which can actually support the speed and services provided by 4G. However, Airtel has kept that in mind, and also displays a number of new devices being launched recently, which you can buy at a price of as low as 5,999.  Scroll down at their homepage and discover a range of devices which support this technology. You can also check on their website by putting your phone number, if whether or not your phone and device already support 4G or not. In addition, many of us are already happy with our existing devices and speed. To invest my money in a new phone, simply to upgrade the speed of internet, I am not sure how many of us would be able to do that? However, I believe it will soon catch up and will take several years (a minimum of one year) to become a technology of benefit and mass usage and by then, a lot of competitors might have entered the arena with their offerings in 4G. Airtel is actually building up the audience and stage for them to sell the products, being the only one in the present to support that technology.

However, leaving all the analysis aside, it’s a great technology to try!! It provides huge benefits like faster streaming of data and additional capabilities for your phone. To try out yourself, please visit the Airtel website and get more information on the same.

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