23 Lessons at 23

Life is a beautiful journey and a learning experience...Good or Bad, everything happens for a reason.
Reflecting on the greatest lessons I have learnt from my experiences, I share a piece of me with you...

1) Failures are an integral part of life.

No-one is perfect.

Everyone experiences failures.

Do not worry.

Just know that "This too shall pass."

And when it does, life's gonna be fun!!

Try learning from the bad experiences in life...
When you reflect back, you'll know difficult times are equally important for you as they teach you important lessons.

2) Do what you love and life is going to be a party!

3) Don't wait for the right time for something you really want to try. Because guess what? That right time will never come.

4) Friends are important.

There may be times you feel lonely or dejected.

There may be times you feel happy and you want to share your happiness with someone.

There may be times when you just want to go for a silent long walk.

There may be times when you need a shoulder you cry on...

For every moment, friends will support you and love you.

Just be yourself, and make some good friends you cherish for life.

5) People come and people leave your life.,,

Some are very special to you and close to your heart, but they drift away with time or you have to let them go for some reasons.

Just LET IT GO...

Know, that there's better in store for you.

I am not saying the new people in life will replace the old ones. They NEVER will, but that doesn't mean, you won't enjoy the company of new people.

You'll miss the old ones sometimes, coz no one else can make you feel the way they did. Know that it's alright to feel that, but living in the past won't get you any happiness in the present.

6) Blocking toxic people out of your life is difficult. But it's important and needed. You may regret leaving them, but in the long-run you will know that you took the right decision.

7) You are unique.

You are formed by your experiences.

Do not compare yourselves to others, because you do not know what they have been through.

But, this doesn't mean you can't learn from people better than you!!

8) Have the courage to be yourself.

People might hate you for that,  but you don't want to end up hating yourself for not being someone who you really are.

9) Be kind.

Show love to people around you in small actions, and you will feel the happiness inside you that no worldly pleasure can give you.

10) Money is important.

So is LOVE.

Know how to balance out the greed of both.

It's okay to want more, but not okay to be crazy enough to run behind either of them.

11) Some people may judge you for your past.

You don't have to justify yourself to them.

If they do not accept you the way you are, it's better to let them go than trying to change yourself for them.

They are not worth it.

12) Love your family.

You may not get enough time to spend with them later.

Enjoy the time you have with them.

13) Time is important.

Don't waste it.

14) Don't get involved in self-pity. That's the worst you can do to yourself.

15) Some may find you sexy, charming, true-hearted, while others may find you irritating enough that you drive them crazy. It's okay. All of us experience that sometime or the other.

16) Be around people who respect you for who you are.

You'll enjoy their company and they will enjoy yours.

There is no relationship without mutual respect.

17) Know when to fight.

More importantly, Know when to walk away and never look back.

Believe me, you'll feel good that you walked away at the right time.

18) You may not end up with the person who you loved the most.

It's okay, most of us don't.

No-one is perfect, until you see them that way.

Enjoy your life with the person you are with, and soon you'll find that everyone has things you love them for!

19) Before doing anything, question your motives.

Your inner demons may be instigating you to do something that you do not feel right about.

Do not do anything you don't wanna regret later.

Do not succumb to those inner demons, and you gonna feel awesome about your self-control!!

20) When you apologize. Mean it.

21) It is never too late to change and improve yourself.

TODAY is he best day to start!

22) FORGIVE. Forgive people who have hurt you in any way. Life is too short to keep grudges.

23) Sing. Dance. Play. Do anything and everything you love. Because life is short!! You will never get this time back.

Share with us what you have you learnt from your experiences!! We would love to hear that!

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