My Dream Home

Each one of us dreams of that day, when we will have a home of our own. We have our dreams woven around the idea, imagining, how we want it to be. Some of us wish for a small bungalow with peaceful surroundings, while some wish for a huge flat in a posh area. We assimilate our ideas and wish we would implement all of them on day, when we build/buy a house of our own.

For me, I would want to live the modern dream of a young single girl in a big city. I personally, would prefer to have a beautiful big rooftop flat in a posh area of Mumbai rather than a big bungalow.

How would I want it to be?
Big white walls - with minimalistic design - and - simplistic yet classy and elegant furniture - with a lot of space around.

First on my list for my dream home, would be a room full of clothes and shoes (I am a girl, what do you expect?! :p ) . Attached with a sophisticated bathroom, would be my wardrobe. With beautiful dresses and gowns, varying from formal classy ones for office parties to sexy pretty dresses for cocktail parties with friends!! And of course, a large collection of stilettoes and footwears to complement all of those dresses! And yes, in addition, a big mirror with a nice soft rug in the room would be just perfect!

Porcelanosa has something which just fits in my requirements, have a look :

 Wardrobes from Porcelanosa

Next would be a huge bathroom- elegant and stylish with a nice bath-tub to take bath in, after a tiring day end. Every morning, walking into it would just give an ideal start to the day!

Porcelanosa just fits in the requirements with some similar offerings…Have a look :

Or something like this, would be even more amazing :

Moving on to my next fav part, the kitchen and the mini bar. I’d love to have a ritzy fancy kitchen with all modern amenities just fit in the right places. Two-three bar stools for the guests would be just right! Chatting around with my girlfriends while cooking together and enjoying a glass of champagne would become easy with those around.

Porcelanosa has something similar for my dream house, check it out here :

To top it all, I would want a nice large rooftop swimming pool with an amazing view of the city. Comfy mattresses to lay down on a lazy Sunday evening, would be a dream come true!

Porcelanosa offers variety of classy flooring options, have a look :

I wish I would someday own such a place of my own, and get a chance to use one of these beautiful designs of Porcelanosa in my dream home! 

Looking for furnishings and ideas for your new home? Check out the Porcelanosa website here.

Do you have any ideas for your dream home? Share it with us!!

This post is written as a part of competition held by Indiblogger in association with 24k Livings .

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