Hopping at the opening of Hoppipola,Pune

Near Mainland China
Aundh, Pune

Cost for Two : 500 (without Alcohol)
Decor- 9.5/10

#Love Scale- Love at first sight!

Attention Please!! This time I bring you Punekars some exciting news. The Speciality Restaurants bring new surprise to Pune. After creating a buzz in Bangalore, Hoppipola now opens up in Pune(already a hit among Punekars). Read on to find out how it stands out among all other restaurants in Pune.

#Ambiance Meter:
Make way for this awesome fairy-tale (for youngsters) like place Hoppipola and admire their unique ambiance while you have the time of your life! With a majestic entry to a little new world, Hoppipola is basically divided into the inside and the outside area. Its a fun place to be.

The walls are adored with fun objects. The outside area is beautiful, with a carnival like lighting. You can find beautiful blue and white chairs around the bar, which add up to the beauty of the place. You can also spot a small area in the middle, with small little mushrooms around the grass (told you fairy tale like!). The inside area is where all beer games take place ;) . You can choose to sit down by the bar stools or relax on the fun colored chairs around the area.

PS : Do you know, one of the wall is dedicated to small little post-boxes in different shapes and sizes. You can open up one of them, and if you are lucky enough to find a gift, you get to keep it!! Isnt it exciting??

#Service Factor :
Ask for Shiva, if you drop by there. The service is just right. The staff is well-aware of the menu.On enquiring about their speciality, the staff recommended the Hoppipola Special. It was not even on the menu, and trust me it was heavenly!!

#Buzz :
Starting from the first day it opened up, youngsters have loved the place. The crowd is fun and that makes it one of the best places to hang-out!!

#Oomph Factor :
We tried almost all veg starters, except the Teriyaki Paneer. I particularly loved The Mexican, Chillitato, OMG and Cheesienos. The chilliato were similar to crispy chilli potatoes and were very well-cooked. OMG was the most favorite item for me (OMG is cheese stuffed mushrooms.) as they were baked to perfection.

The food was well-cooked and presentable and I am overall satisfied with the quality and the taste.

#Drinks Menu :
You have an option to choose some of the regular spirits or wines, or try some fun new coktails. Shoot down some interestingly named cocktails like Naranja, Frozen Alchemy, Bellini, Porto and many more or choose to stick to the regular beer-vodka routine. Some of the interesting cocktails include The Blue Frog, The Hoppipola Special and Chimmichuri. I particularly loved the Hoppipola Special (looks like strawberry chocolate shake and the kick it gives even after a sip...oooh! Its awesome!).

#Music :
Not too loud and not too soft...Just perfect!! Amazing tracks set the mood right, and the right volume makes sure you can enjoy talking to your friends over a few drinks!

#Cost Factor :
An instant hit with the Punekars, this place is complete value for money!! At such amazing prices, its nearly impossible to deliver as much as they do, and kudos to Hoppipola team! Thank you for opening up in Pune!!

#Final Verdict :
I am hopelessly in love with this place. Pocket-friendly, right buzz, good food, great service, amazing ambiance...Its has just opened up at the right time at the right place!! Must visit! Love Love Love @Hoppipola

Follow them on twitter at : @atHoppipola

Special thanks to the food-adda team for the Launch party invite. Had it not been for you guys, I would have never found this awesome place in Pune.

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