Hidden Place...A not so hidden gem in the nightlife of Pune

KP & DP Road,Pune

Cost for two-1000/-
Decor- 9/10

#Love Scale : Coz of the enormous coolness quotient and soaring popularity this quaint gem is one of the best places in Pune. Infinite Love for them!

It would be a tall task to capture the awesomeness of this place in a blog...But I will give it my best try...

#Ambiance Meter:
It's a jungle out there, but this unique hangout is dancing to the beat of its own drum, leaving all the others behind in the race for popularity! With two branches, one at KP and other at DP Road, this attractively unusual place is in simple words, just AWESOME!

Every corner at Hidden Place tells a story and draws you toward it.

The Hidden Place at KP has two levels of seating. The lower one definitely more rocking ;) ! The upper level has a graffiti depicting the best of music bands, with their pics n names. You'd find an interesting collection of framed paintings on the wall, my favorite being monalisa smokin a joint! :p

Newly opened Hidden Place, DP Road is as interesting as the previous one. The innovative art installations! Art work blending and brewing up everything! All is as cool as the KP Hidden Place. It is one of the best place to linger after work and chill out with friends.

#Service Factor :
Impeccable!The service is fantastic! Ever smiling and friendly waiters are always happy to offer suggestions with efficient service.

#Buzz :
Bring friends together, will all kinda stories to share over a mug of beer. This place neva lacks the buzz, no matter what time of the day it is! Cheer for your

favorite team and drink to its victory or defeat. At the end of the evening, all who leave the place, go home feeling like they're on the top of the world.

#Oomph factor :
Reminiscing about my sinful indulgences...Let me tell you, that food at Hidden Place, never disappoints! They have food to match your 'spirits'. The food does justice to the epicurean ingredients used. Try out some quick bites like mushroom in butter garlic, ceaser salad, corn fritters or if you're in a snacky mood, choose from the more filling options like sphagetti with mushroom and onion or fresh baked vegetables and I guarantee you quality of food!

#Drinks Menu :
Here, beer is guzzled by pitcher. They mix and throw their ingredients from one shaker to another with utmost precision, and prepare uniquely delectable cocktails n mocktails. Try out their LIT and Tequila Sunrise...Perfectly prepared!

#Surprise Surprise :
They have plenty of offers that keep rotating. Enjoy full day happy hours on Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays or tank up on unlimited alcohol on karaoke nights on Mondays. Surprises continue with rare lunch buffet offer with unlimited beer in just Rs.385/- .

#Dress Code :
You don't want to dress up all glamorous for Hidden Place, its a sports bar and not a club...Cool and smart works here!

#Acoustics :
Mix of music keeps the energy pumping. They have awesome tracks playing all through the night, which makes it the favorite for everyone who comes here!

#Cost factor :
Fits all pockets...With best offers, they will never rob you of your money...Trust me on that! ;)

#Special Thanks
Sunil Chandani, the owner of Hidden Place for being so generous to us the other day, when we seemed to have misplaced a friends wallet. He helped us find it out and also chatted with us over a few drinks (on the house). It is a pleasure knowin him! Cheers!

#Final verdict :
I am the fondest patron of HP. Great food priced aptly with amazing offers on all days makes it a great place to spend an evening of fun with friends and colleagues.

#Follow them : @hiddenplace2 on twitter for updates!

#WEBSITE : Visit http://www.hiddenplace.in/ for extensive list of events and offers.

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