Gupta Sandwiches, Vashi....Fav hangout for all!

Gupta Sandwiches & Snacks

Cost for 2 - Rs.200/-
Open Since-1994

#Love Scale- 8/10

#Home Delivery : Option Available

#Ambiance Meter :
The place has improved a lot since its earlier days, when it was a messy shop with loadsa customers crowding to get their orders. They have made it more organized and more sanitized. Its still a little shop, in a gully of Sector-17, Vashi. You can stand and eat outside the shop, as there's very little space in the shop (can barely contain 5-10 people).

#Buzz :
Favourite among all! You'll become a patron yourself, once you have had a sandwich here. Always buzzing with students (teens mostly, who have classes nearby) and office crowd at evening hours!

#Oomph factor :
Gupta sandwiches famous for their excellent sandwiches enjoy a great reputation among the Navi Mumbaikars. Grab a quick filling snack or chit-chat with a group of friends with loadsa sandwiches, this place will never fail to satisfy you!They offer good variety of pizzas and sandwiches.

My fav in the appetizers is definitely garlic bread with cheese. In sandwiches, veg grill with cheese is best of all. The mayo sandwich has too much mayo :p (Initially you love it, but as the sandwic is big, its difficult to eat as you get bored of the too much mayo!) Paneer Grill is also good, but gets boring to eat too much paneer after a point of time (Sandwich being so big!) Their Cheese Chilli Toast and Choco bites toast is good too! In the pizza menu, you can try exotic pizza or the veggie lover chat kara pizza, but I dint find the pizzas that good.

You can try the butterscotch milkshake (nothing extraordinary, too sweet) or the chocolate milkshake, if you need something to gulp along with your sandwich.

Ice cream : kulfi falooda...Yum Yum!

#Cost Factor :
Cost for 2 is around 200-250 bucks, which is very reasonable given the huge portions which can fill even a hungry foodie!

#Infomaniac facts :
1) They are veg only shop!
2) Open from 9am to 10pm
3) They are planning on opening a new branch at Ghatkopar

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