Chinese in Pune

Want to eat good Chinese in #Pune?
I am gonna share some of the small Chinese joints which serve good Chinese in Pune. Do not look for hygiene or presentation, but only taste.

1) Golden Dragon
    Karve Nagar, Pune

Cost for two - Rs.300 to 400

#Ambiance - Its a small eatery, which can seat around 20-30 people at a time.

#Oomph Factor- The food is authentic and awesomely delicious! Perfect mix of spices. Noodle and Fried Rice have varieties to choose from. Most of them are good! The food is freshly made and served hot. Generous Portions.

#Service - The service is good.

#Recommended : Hot n sour soup, Thai Curry (only if you like it)

 #WARNING : Closed from 3 to 7pm.

2) Mini Wok Oriental Kitchen
Near coffee Stop, Pune

Cost for 2- Rs. 600 to 700

#Ambiance- Small place, with not too much space to sit. Mostly a stall, with chairs placed crammed with each other.

#Oomph Factor- They serve authentic Chinese. The food is great, and delicious to its core! Try out the combos to save money.

#Cost factor- Too costly for a small joint that it is. The prices are high, but with good food, its bearable.  You do not expect a road side joint to keep such high prices.

#Service- Most awful ever. No decency. No manners. Worst of all!

#My Verdict : Can try this place, if you want good Chinese food, but be prepared for high prices. Do not expect even basic courtesy from the waiters, but if you can get past all those things, food is considerably good!

3) Hot Sip
Kothrud, Near M.I.T. College, Pune

Cost for 2- Rs. 400/-

#Ambiance - Good for a road side joint. 2 levels for seating. Too less space to sit, but the space above is a little more private.

#Oomph Factor- Decent food. They serve good Indian food as well!

#Cost Factor- reasonably prices with decent quantity of food.

#Service- Okayish. Nothing to complain about.

#My Verdict - Can go, if low on cash, and want to have Chinese.

4) Kok Pa
F.C. Road, Pune

Cost for 2- Rs 500/-

#Ambiance- A joint which can seat around 40-50 people at a time. A small hut kinda place.

#Oomph factor- Good food. The chicken Wings are good!

#Cost Factor- Reasonably Priced

#Service- Okayish. Nothing Great. Serve hot food, but take a little too much time to prepare food.

#Final Verdict- Good to save money when roaming around F.C. Road on a Sunday and when you are not able to find a table at any other restaurant.

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